CBSE Prashikshan Triveni: Teacher Training Program

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the apex body that dynamically grows, providing new options in the education system consistently. CBSE delivers exclusive programs that help the entire education ecosystem. It works in creating a special and unique platform like Prashikshan Triveni for teacher training.


Hop in to learn about this exclusive training program platform sponsored by the CBSE.


Prashikshan Triveni is a teacher training program where effective management of the same is done via an exclusive portal. It is an integrated platform version supporting everything related to teacher training.


These include registration programs, marking of attendance, feedback submissions, blended training modules, online certification and offline certification.

When was Prashikshan Triveni Published?

Prashikshan Triveni is a relatively new concept that gained popularity during the pandemic. It was introduced and published as part of the Online Teachers Training Sessions that started in 2020. The CBSE training portal is the primary publishing platform to deal with these online sessions.

Portal Web Address to Prashikshan Triveni

The web address for you to visit the Prashikskan Triveni portal is It is further divided into Bhagirathi (for principals/teachers), Kalindi (Centre of Excellence), and Sharada (Training Directorate).

How the Central Board of Secondary Education Organises Capacity Building Programmes

CBSE specialises in delivering capacity building programmes that are essentially a part of the modern curriculum requirements. Imparting quality education is the primary purpose that drives home the idea of such programmes. The Board consistently promotes various capacity building programmes meeting the needs and interests of the education domain at its existing level.


The capacity building program for teachers is an integral part of covering the latest pedagogical practice approaches without compromising the quality of fundamentally established learning environments. Apart from skills training and development, it manages to include resource-oriented and community-based capability adoptions.

Explain the Center of Excellence (CoE) Concept and its Objectives

The concept of CoE (Center of Excellence) is to promote a training and learning portal where anytime-anywhere access is made easily possible. Existing in different structures like centralized, decentralized or hybrid models, CoE sets standards in following an education pattern that simultaneously boosts skills and knowledge.


Some of the driving objectives behind the CoE are improving productivity and operations quality, cost-effective management, maintaining academic and educational calibre without fail and achieving optimum digitization levels. The guiding principles of CoE serve as a highlight in boosting the morale of the training ecosystem in our country.

The Primary Objective of Prashikshan Triveni

The primary focus and objective of Prashikshan Triveni are to add value to the online division of Capacity Building Programmes through existing Centres of Excellence (CoEs). This portal will serve as an integrated platform that takes care of all teacher training functions related to topics and personnel.


Prashikshan Triveni aims at maintaining continuous professional development opportunities for teachers at regular intervals. It also covers mindful tracking of the operational activities that get done on broader terms.

Modules Covered in Prashikshan Triveni

Since the CBSE authorities demand schools to register their teaching professional for the learning environment via the Prashikshan Triveni platform, the modules that the platform covers are strictly specific. The different program modules that are approved by the Centres of Excellence (CoEs) under the Capacity Building Programmes (CBPs) are as follows.



The pedagogical approach is the most preferred practice of teaching. The pedagogy concept covers the method of extensive training of academic subjects using theoretical and practical methods. The instructions and activities are well-documented in this segment.

Prashikshan Triveni is a platform that makes immense use of pedagogy structure in the learning curriculum. This assignment-based model occupies a crucial position on the list of the top modules under the Prashikshan Triveni program.


Subject-specific Modules

Subject-specific modules are the best thing to deal with teacher training regarding efficiency and effectiveness. When a particular module under the Prashikshan Triveni scheme is selected, the interests and skill sets of the professional teacher candidates are put to the test.

There is nothing bigger than the option to choose your training program, satisfying your knowledge and passion in the domain. When the modules are laid out on a subject-based concept, it will help teachers address their pain points and limitations that will support them in the long term.


Technology Education

Digital transformation is here, and it is going to stay with dynamic innovations over time. The education sector is one of the biggest benefactors of this digitization process. One of the prominent integrations in the niche will happen in the form of technology and education.

Owing to its complete online role in the Prashikshan Triveni portal, the technology education module is one of the best sought among candidates. The training workshop covers everything there is to know about technology in education.


Classroom Management

One of the top relevant skills that every teaching professional must possess is classroom management. Whether done in offline or online modes, a teacher cannot fulfil their duties without efficient management of classroom activities.

This is the primary skill that connects the teachers to the students on a personal level, ensuring growth and progress across domains. Stay tuned to all upgrades in this module, as it paves the way for a perfectly built relationship on trust.


Special Needs Education

Another domain that you should cover is the module containing special needs education. Going forward, this will have an even better role than usual, as education is the best chance at improving the quality of life of special needs children.

Training in unique domains is critical to ensure the well-being and knowledge empowerment of special needs children. The corresponding module in Prashikshan Triveni includes all the details on how a teacher can develop their skills in this particular area.


Assessments and Evaluation

Another esteemed module that gets desirable portions in the portal is the assessments and evaluation module. This is a unique skill that a teacher must develop to engage in suitable marking schemes and general student evaluation principles.

Factors like unconscious bias should be taken into account and eliminated at a significant level to ensure smooth and effective assessments procedure. Another high point here is the option to portray grades in a personalized format, aiding each learner in the process.


Professional Development

Under the Prashikshan Triveni platform, there is the scope for various career opportunities for professionals. This is covered under the professional development module. Teachers should get the chance to upskill and flourish to their full potential.

It also involves the chances of creating an ideal launching pad for teachers to find new professional gateways across the education domain. This will always be a boost in the quality maintenance of the professional careers of teachers and trainers.

How does Prashikshan Triveni Promote Teacher’s Education?

The biggest factor that plays an advantage in teacher education under the Prashikshan Triveni portal is its wholesome coverage of numerous activities. Ranging from simple tasks like marking attendance to modern teaching strategies like blended training programmes, the platform is excellent training support for teaching professionals.


Another feature that makes the Prashikshan Triveni portal attractive is the online support that you can receive with this channel’s support. A full-on online model is preferred over a face-to-face training program, considering the role of digitization techniques in the future.

How can Teachers Register in Prashikshan Triveni?

The registration process of teachers to deal with Prashikshan Triveni follow a simple, disciplined route. If you are planning to become an active part of the training program, the below steps will help.


Visit the Prashikshan Triveni Website

The obvious first step is to enter the official website of Prashikshan Triveni. This link is part of the CBSE’s official channel and is a partner program in the portal for capacity building programmes.


Select “Training Capacity Building Programmes”

As the portal is completely in online mode, opt for the tab named ‘Training Capacity Building Programmes’ from the site. You will be taken to a space where teacher training modules are available.


Register for Free Online Sessions

The next step is the free registration that you can make on different online sessions present on the portal. These sessions can be chosen based on your interests, passion, skill levels and existing foundational knowledge.


Select “New Registration” for Individual Participants or “Login” for Existing Participant

A profile account creation is preferred on the platform. For individual accounts under the teacher training modules, you may either select the option for new registration or you may choose existing participant login (if you are an already registered user).


For New Registration Please Fill out the Registration Form

An online registration form is available for completing the application for joining as a trainee. This platform supports easy documentation and data recording activities.


Give Confirmation and Proceed with Online Payment

Once you confirm all the details on the application portal, you may make an online payment. This will complete your enrollment process for a particular training program or module.


A Workshop Registration Link will be Sent

On successful payment and enrollment, a workshop registration link will be sent to your contact ID. This is where your whole training activity on a specific program takes place.


Login and Attend the Online Sessions


The final step to remember is to consistently log in to the workshop page and attend the sessions. You can do it in remote mode for the entirety of the course, as there are no offline activities except for your homework.


The Prashikshan Triveni is capable of changing the overall presentation of the teacher education programs. It works effectively in clearing the route towards CBSE’s capacity training programs. Stay tuned to this space for future updates and changes on the topic of Prashikshan Triveni.

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