School Management System

All-in-one school administration platform backed by reliable support and state of the art technology

Take control of operations, automate fee collection, free up time spent on administrative tasks, communicate with parents, and focus on creating an exceptional learning organization. Get an at-a-glance overview of all critical data you need to evaluate financial health, attendance, student performance and more.

School Administration That's Truly Transformative

SkoolBeep's robust integrated school management platform brings all key functions and stakeholders under one system. Our mobile-first approach makes access to key reports and data entry really easy. You'll enjoy smoother workflows, better connections and time to focus on teaching and learning

Save Time & Boost Productivity

Allows staff and teachers to focus on their academic responsibilities by automating tasks.

Student Information & Record Keeping

Track a student's educational life cycle easily. Digitizing this data for both record-keeping and analytics helps all stakeholders.

Ease Of Accessibility

Compile and access data for any time-frame or segment in pre-defined reporting formats in a matter of minutes.

Hassle-free Accounting

Automate & streamline fee collection, accounting and receipt generation.

Convenient and stress-free

No paper trail. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface that requires no technical experience.

Accurate Data Collection & Reports

Reduce errors caused by manual entry and calculations. Ensure accurate, real-time access to critical data.

Smarter, Quicker Decisions

Get a bird's eye-view of all the information you need on your mobile app in real-time for smarter, quicker decisions.

Enhanced Parent Experience

Send frequent communication and boost parent involvement without compromising on privacy and security

Technology for Everyone

Technology can revolutionize the way you teach, manage and operate a school. It can empower teachers, enhance learning experiences for students, keep parents involved, and help schools become learning centers of excellence.


  • Simplify school administration
  • Optimize fee collection
  • Boost parent engagement
  • Transform classroom learning
  • Enhance student performance
  • Achieve NEP Compliance


  • Interactive panels & Classroom solutions
  • Multi-media teaching materials
  • Syllabus-aligned content
  • Online assessments
  • Comprehensive question bank
  • Easy report card generation
  • Automate attendance


  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Online Diary to stay on track
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fun gamified learning
  • Extensive multimedia library
  • Personalized learning path


  • Easy communication
  • Track child's performance
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Learning materials to reduce private tuition
  • Loan options & alerts for fees
  • Know location of school bus

Automate. Streamline. Transform.

Save time, resources and centralise operations

  • One app for everyone
  • Role-based Access
  • Customized Reports
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Seamless Resource Management
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The SkoolBeep Advantage

SkoolBeep is absolutely secure and trusted by 1500+ schools across 15 states across in india.


Intuitive interfaces, mobile-first design, ability to customize reporting formats and a stellar support team make your experience hassle-free.


SkoolBeep brings school management, administrative staff, teachers, and students under a centralized system. One integrated platform with role-based access.


Engaging with different technology providers for solutions can be expensive, exhausting, and ineffective. We've solutions for all your school's needs.


We have been a technology provider for schools for almost a decade. We understand your needs and are in the education space for the long haul

Frequently Asked Questions

SkoolBeep’s school ERP solutions eliminate hours of paperwork, streamline processes, make data easily available, and maintain records in an easily understandable format. Our interface is user-friendly and the SkoolBeep app benefits everyone in the ecosystem from teachers, students, parents and administrators. SkoolBeep is a one-stop technology partner for schools. We have been serving schools across India for about a decade.

As soon as you sign a purchase order with us, our team will get in touch with you. We will schedule a time to talk to your school administration staff and set up the system for you in 10-15 days.

When parents pay over the mobile app, the school receives an instant alert on new payments. Parents receive instant fee receipt over the app. All payments during the day settles into the school bank account by mid-day next day. Once the parent pays the fees it flows to a safe escrow account, which can be operated only based on RBI conditions & guidelines. This ensures complete safety of transactions and on time/prompt money settlement for the school.

Any data that is fed into the school management system will remain 100% safe and also will be kept confidential. Our solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure which is trusted by governments, enterprises and organizations across the world.

Please read our Data Policy for a more detailed understanding

Yes. We will provide training for your staff members after you purchase the school management software package from us. The training can be performed via video conferencing at a convenient time.

Your school will benefit from all modules of our school management software. Our most popular modules are fee management, report card management, parent communication and transport management. The student information system will help you comply with government and NEP guidelines. Our inventory management system will be launched shortly and has a lot of great features requested by our school network.

  • Support is available 6 days a week during regular office hours ( 9AM to 6PM).
  • Available over whatsapp, voice call and email and chat.
  • Field training and support is also available on a need basis.

What Schools Say

SkoolBeep is absolutely secure and trusted by 1500+ schools across 15 states across in india.

We have been using SkoolBeep app for a few years now. It is extremely user-friendly and it has greatly benefitted teachers, students, parents, and management. All communication, attendance, fee management and day-to-day activities are streamlined saving us a lot of time.
Principal, Parkview Academy Namakkal
SkoolBeep provided us a simple solution to a complex problem. They simplified the fee collection process. It is very easy to use and well appreciated by parents and finance team. I appreciate the SkoolBeep team for their relentless support, which is efficient and quick
Rev. Sr. Febi Mary Fernandez
Principal, Marygiri English Medium School Trivandrum