Home Learning Solutions

Augment in-school learning experiences, cater to individual learner needs and drive better parent involvement with our online learning platform.

Empower and inspire your students with the ability to augment their learning at school with anywhere, anytime access to the same high-quality learning resources used in the classroom. Increase parent involvement by giving them a single place to access all school-related information.

Involving parents in school activities as well as in supporting learning at home not only enhances student interest and motivation but also can greatly help the overall development of the child's personality.

Greater Involvement. Better Outcomes. Exceptional Experience.

Learning Resources

  • Access to same material used in the classroom
  • Additional Multi-media Content
  • Gamified Learning modules

Practice Tests & Exams

  • Quizzes and question banks
  • Online Assessments
  • Competitive Exam Practice
  • Comparative Scoring

Personalized Roadmap

  • Identify strengths & improvement areas
  • Custom difficulty setting
  • Goal setting
  • Learning materials to suit your style

Parent Portal

  • One app for school-related information
  • Pay Fees Securely Online
  • Access school events, timetable, calendar, report cards and homework
  • Learning Material to help home-study
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Active, Engaging & Collaborative online learning platform

Access to high quality education made affordable with e-learning app

Simplify home-learning and save on expensive tuitions with our Online Learning platform.

Having access to classroom materials and assignments helps students learn more effectively. E-learning portal becomes a continuation of the classroom experience and both teachers and students can continue to work collaboratively beyond the classroom.

Aligned to what is taught in the classroom

Access to material used in the classroom even at home. Revise and internalize concepts taught in the class easily.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Access multi-media learning materials, take practice questions and pace learning.

Suited to individual learning styles

Whether a student's learning style involves watching videos, reading or learning through application, we have learning materials to suit different styles.

An enjoyable learning experience

Apply learning and enjoy an immersive experience with gamified learning modules.

Personalized Learning Path

Measure progress, identify gaps & make course corrections continuously.

Better prepare for competitive exams

Online assessments can help gain confidence for tests and exams. Exhaustive question banks and comparative scoring help excel in competitive exams.

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All-in-One Online
Learning Platform & App

Better Involvement with Online learning platform

  • Stay updated on homework, report cards, events & holidays
  • Make fee payments online
  • Easy communication with teachers
  • Track child's performance
  • Identify improvement areas for child
  • Know the location of the school bus
  • Submit Leave Application
  • Update details
  • Get the latest learning & and assessment tools

@Home Learning - Why Choose SkoolBeep's e-learning

Alignment with School
No alignment
Eliminates confusions in the way concepts are taught
A high-quality learning solution that puts your students in command of their own learning at a cost that is negligible.
Anytime Accessibility
May not be available
Eliminates confusions in the way concepts are taught
Teacher Support
Separate from what is taught in school
Lessons and learning materials are accessible to both teachers and students. Makes it easier to clarify doubts and get help from teachers at school.
Not available
Analyze what topics you are good at and identify gaps in understanding. Get better with personalized recommendations and proficiency level setting.
Stress-free Learning
Not available
Make learning less stressful and enjoyable. Have fun with gamified learning and multi- media materials.

What Educators Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Our home learning solution equips students with high-quality resources to continue their learning at home. By subscribing to our e-learn solution, schools can give students access to syllabus-aligned content and multimedia resources used by the teachers in the classroom.

Here are some more reasons why our home-learning solutions are highly recommended:

  1. Learning becomes complete only with home support. Extending classroom learning to home is critical to enable the same.
  2. Each student is different; they have different learning styles, comprehension skills and interests. Our solutions accommodate student’s unique needs and current level.
  3. The resources teachers use in the classroom are made available to the students at the comfort of their home to enable “any time , anywhere learning”. This allows them to learn at their own pace,
  4. Personalized feedback on tests or practice quizzes and the ability to set difficulty levels help students have more control on their progress, gives insights to teachers and helps boost learner confidence.

It is highly recommended that schools take the initiative to subscribe for students and enable access. This ensures all students have access to high-quality resources at a very affordable cost and reduces dependency on tuition.

Individual students can also subscribe to SkoolBeep’s e-learn solution provided the school has any of SkoolBeep’s other solutions like School Management or Classroom solutions.

By subscribing to SkoolBeep’s e-learning, schools can:

  • Enable better outcomes for students
  • Give access to different learning methods and resources
  • Empower children to learn at their pace
  • Get excellent Assessment & personalisation tools
  • Ensure affordable access to top-class resources for all students all year round

The minimum subscription duration is 1 year.

Yes , Trial available for 7 days.

During this period schools will have complete access to evaluate the product content and assessment tools.

Support is available 6 days a week during regular office hours ( 9AM to 6PM).

Available over whatsapp, voice call and email and chat.

Field training and support is also available on a need basis.

Teachers should have a valid license to assign assessments or activities to students.

It’s not mandatory for students to have an active subscription to submit assignments.