SkoolPlus Classroom Solutions

The next-gen solution for enhanced learning and better engagement

SkoolPlus integrated classroom solution allows for class participation, truly active learning and an entirely new level of student collaboration. Our solution comes not only with high-resolution digital panels but also ready-to-use content aligned to the syllabus so teachers can get started immediately.

Interactive HD Display Panels

  • In-built Android 11 OS
  • Eliminates need for multiple equipment
  • No SmartPhone requirement

Syllabus-aligned Content

  • Video content and presentations
  • Gamified learning modules
  • Quizzes and question banks

Warranty & Support

  • 3 years Warranty* on Equipment
  • EMI Option
  • Optional Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Empowered Teachers.
Engaged Students.
Better Learning.

Transform any lesson into an engaging learning experience. From multimedia videos to collaborative exercises and on- the-fly assessments,SkoolPlus equips teachers with everything they need to deliver effective lessons every single day.

Transform your classrooms into vibrant learning spaces that fuel tomorrow's dreams.

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High-Quality Digital Panels

Intuitive, versatile and multi-function digital panels that eliminate the need for multiple equipment

Display Panels For Classrooms Of All Sizes

Choose from 3 models engineered to suit your learning environment and budget.


65 inch Panel

Most suited for classrooms with 45 students or less


75 inch Panel

Most suited for classrooms with upto 75 students


86 inch Panel

Most suited for classrooms with upto 125 students

Content Repository

Syllabus-aligned content created, reviewed and updated by a highly qualified panel of principals and teachers.

Syllabus-Aligned Learning Material

Multi-media content organized by chapters

Videos, Presentations, Gamified quizzes

Group assessments, short quizzes, mock exams

Classroom tests & online home assessments

Apps for STEM, humanities & language learning


Projectors, speakers, local server, LAN, computers and multiple cables
Wiff, Power Socket
Content Repository
Content has to be curated
Syllabus aligned multi-media content and quizzes organized by chapter
Teacher Workload
Supports the teacher every step of the way. Attendance, Classroom material, Quiz & Home assignments. Can start from Day 1.
Accessibility at Home
Not accessible
Accessible using SkoolBeep app. Students can submit homework and access same material used in class.
None or Limited
Online support & 3 years Warranty

Empowering The Teacher At Every Step In The Classroom

A few clicks and all data is captured and organized in the student database. Save on teaching time.

Videos, pdf text books, games and more to make learning effective and fun.

More than 100 questions for practice and testing at your fingertips.

Share Classnotes so your students can practice easily at home

Practice makes perfect. Assign assignments as often as you want right from the classroom with zero extra effort

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Panels open up access to a wide variety of world-class learning resources and applications. It facilitates multisensory learning and keeps students engaged and involved. Combined with up-to-date curated content, it can be truly transformational for teachers and learners.

Our interactive Panels have built-in wifi solutions eliminating the need for local servers, LAN, computers, and projectors. Purchase options, installation, maintenance, and support make it hassle-free for schools.

SkoolBeep's classroom solutions empower the teacher with a multimedia content repository and assessments organized by chapters. The content is updated weekly saving hours spent on research.

The ability to continue learning with the same resources at home and personalization instills confidence and supports skill development in students.

SkoolPlus has been created with a teacher's primary responsibilities in mind, thereby significantly reducing their workload.

It helps teachers with their key functions:

Teaching: A huge repository of syllabus-aligned multi-media resources and learning material organized by chapters.

Assessments: Previous year Exam papers, quizzes, practice questions and more. Share Assessments and activities easily right from the classroom. This saves a teacher many hours of work.

Feedback: Check understanding of individual students or the entire class with insights . Help students who need extra help with individualised feedback and extra lessons or repeat concepts not grasped by the entire class.

  • Digital resources aligned to the syllabus and organized chapter-wise
  • A variety of digital resources including videos, presentations, textbooks and reference materials.
  • Mock exams, practice questions, and gamified quizzing
  • Personalized difficulty level settings for questions
  • Feedback on learning outcomes, concepts and progress

Yes. It is mapped to the curriculum followed by your school and the chapters are organized in the same order followed in textbooks.

SkoolBeep has curated more than 1 lakh unique questions across all subjects. For each class, we have 100+ questions per chapter and 1500 questions per subject.

SkoolBeep has curated and made available some very useful apps for different streams:

  • STEM
  • Geometry, Anatomy, Robotics/Coding
  • Humanities
  • Atlas, Wikipedia, History, Places/Events
  • Languages
  • Dictionary, Children's news, Rhymes, Spoken English
  • General
  • Youtube, Browser, Activity kits, Language learning

In addition, any app from Playstore can be used to enhance classroom learning.

The content is created, reviewed, and updated by a highly qualified panel of principals and teachers. It is mapped to the curriculum and syllabus followed by the prominent national and state boards.

In various ways both in the classroom and at home.

Teachers can use short quizzes in class for checking understanding or revising concepts. They can also create question papers, give homework or assign practice sheets.

Students can use it for practice, mock exams and gamified learning etc. Access to question papers from the last 10 years make board exam preparations easy.