Student Information System

Centralized, secure and up-to-date student information management system for a great start to your school’s digital transformation.

Collect and maintain student information in a central repository with our student information system. Keep track of their progress, activities, payments, attendance, and more in a single location. Getting parents to update student information is easy.

Manage all records right from the time of a student’s admission to their academic performance, personal information, health records and more with ease.

Central Student Repository

  • Personal Details
  • Attendance
  • Fee Collection
  • Assignment Distribution
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Health Records

Student Lifecycle Management

  • Admission Management
  • Academic and non-academic
  • Historical Data
  • Attendance
  • Exam Scores
  • Behavior Records

Decentralised Data Capture

  • Role-based access
  • Student, teacher, parent &
    administrator login
  • Update in real-time
  • Anytime access to up-to-date
  • 360-degree information

The foundation Of School Digital Transformation

SkoolBeep’s Student Information System (SIS) is the foundation for the digitization of your school. Our comprehensive solution acts as a central hub to store, manage and access student data effortlessly.

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Student records right from the time of admission till they pass out in a centralized location for easy access.

Eliminate laborious paperwork

Eliminate the headache of managing, storing and retrieving paper documents. All documents organized and stored in a secure database.

Streamlined Student Record Maintenance

Maintain all student records - academic, health, personal information, awards, fees, and scholarships in one location.

Access to all stakeholders

Teachers, students and parents can view and/or edit data, based on their role. Administrators don’t have to function as mediators.

Easy Document Generation

Generate and maintain documents like id cards and certificates easily.

Security of Personal Information

Compile and access data for any time-frame or segment in pre-defined reporting formats in a matter of minutes.

Effortlessly comply with regulatory requirements

All the records you need to comply with NEP or government requirements are at your fingertips.

Smarter data-backed decisions

Get the accurate, up-to-date information you need in real-time for smarter, quicker decisions.

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Student Information Sorted The SkoolBeep Way

With SkoolBeep's Student Information System (SIS), you can easily access and review crucial information about a student's academic progress and performance. From attendance records to grades, disciplinary actions, and even medical history, the SIS provides a centralized and secure location for storing and managing all essential student data.

SkoolBeep has several pre-defined templates with different fields to capture student data.

Add any additional fields to the template chosen based on your school’s particular requirements.

At the time of admission or the beginning of the academic year, give parents time-bound access to input student details. This saves a lot of administrative time and improves accuracy of student data.

After the personal information is collected and locked, school can capture all student-related data for the entire year.

Stay prepared for any compliance requirements with historical data of the holistic performance of every single student during their tenure at your school.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

SkooolBeep’s Student Information system gives a 360 degree overview of a student’s tenure at the school. It has the following sections:

Personal Information: This includes Student Name, Contact Details, Parent details etc.

Govt Specific compliance: Health Records & Govt Records

Student Performance: Academic Progress made during their tenure at the school

Administration records : Payments dues, Attendance, Transport, Activities, Certificates, ID card, Purchases.

First, student’s personal information and records are set up as a base structure. From here all the academic and administrative activities of the child can be stored into the student information system. Documenting the student activities to the student information system helps to maintain a student history and digitizes the student record keeping.

To keep student/parent personal information up-to-date, Schools can periodically (once a year or half yearly) open personal records (Address, Phone number etc) editing to parents.

The Student Information System will save an enormous amount of time and laborious paper work for the school. It also makes record keeping easy and accurate. Efficient running of the school, compliance to government regulations and retrieving current/historical student information becomes a breeze.

It will take around 7 days to implement this system.

1 day for training and setup.

1 week for parent to update the records

We follow the best possible industry practices and standards to ensure data integrity and safety.

Please go through our data handling policy document our methodology and safety standards in detail.

Our solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure which is trusted by enterprises, governments and startups worldwide.

Our internal practices ensure that data access is restricted and bound by stringent regulations.