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School Bus Tracking

SkoolBeep – Comprehensive School Bus Tracking App

Fitted with advanced AIS-140 GPS devices, SkoolBeep enables your schoolbus fleet to beam their locations in real-time at every instant. These signals are structured and a combined view is provided to the transport manager’s dashboard and as real time location to respective parents. SkoolBeep transport tracking solution converts the beamed GPS data into relevant information bus stops, routes, speed and time to location etc..

The relevant information about the different buses can be viewed comprehensively on the dashboard and real-time. Monitor driving pattern, delays and breakdowns from a central location, ensure reliability of transport services to school staff and students.

Bus Tracking App – Handy Features

  • Real-Time Dashboard Updates

    The bus tracking app provides extensive real-time dashboard updates such as school bus location, deviation of vehicles from regular routes, attendance of students and staff in the bus, route optimization, traffic alerts, and send notifications to parents when students enter and exit the bus, and geofencing to restrict the routes according to the current requirements and set-up. All the buses can be tracked and monitored from a single dashboard for the transport co-ordinator.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    The GPS and other data generated by the systems are gathered by the bus tracking app and turned into extensive reports with useful information. The bus tracking app can be integrated with the School ERP to generate extensive reports including fuel consumption, daily and monthly attendance reports, driver database, trip histories, vehicle maintenance records, and speed records of the bus.

  • Wide-Ranging Compatibility

    The bus tracking app is created with wide-ranging compatibility to seamlessly connect with existing hardware such as GPS devices as long as the device is AIS140 certified. We conform with the AIS-140 standards set by Govt of India and state govt agencies, the software allows easy integration and transition with any existing AIS-140 hardware with no loss of time.

SkoolBeep Bus Tracking App – Distinct Advantages

Distinctly Tailored Software

SkoolBeep’s bus tracking app has been tailored with distinct features and dedicated software modules for bus fleets, students, staff and administration makes it versatile for wide use.

Unique Value Adding features

The ease of installation, integration with existing AIS-140 hardware, robustness, scalability, real-time dashboard readings, extensive analytics and reporting and other value-adding features help to up the safety, security and efficiency of the vehicle management system of the school.

Improved Student Safety and Security

Monitoring the driver’s speed and sending alerts when speed limits are exceeded, dedicated live feeds from the buses, attendance tracking of the children when getting in and out of the buses, sending alerts to parents about attendance details, notification alerts about the deviation of routes by the drivers, alerts about traffic conditions are exclusive features included to improve student safety.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

The bus tracking app is crafted in a way to have wide-ranging compatibility with different GPS systems lodged in different bus fleets. The signals can be intercepted by the versatile software and fed to the dashboard into real-time readings. The software can be easily integrated into existing systems with minimal downtime.


With provisions for instant notifications and live feeds from the buses, the software is built to be an exclusive app. The software also keeps the administration and the parents informed in real-time of any route rescheduling that may have happened.

Hardware Agnostic Solutions

The SkoolBeep Bus tracking app does not need any hardware modifications or adaptations and can be easily integrated into different types of GPS systems. Very little time is required for setting up the software for the school bus fleet.


The bus tracking app is robust, flexible and scalable. The software can be run on the smartphone of any driver or parent or any desktop or laptop at school with an Internet connection. The app is not dependent on specific hardware.

SkoolBeep School Bus Tracking App – Exceptional Features

Our solution brings peace of mind by ensuring safety of your students and guaranteeing ease of operation.

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Driving Pattern analysis

Analyse rash driving patterns,over speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration. Analyse driver and fleet patterns. Ensures complete safety for children.

fuel monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Measure the fuel consumption for the fleet and individual buses, analyse the consumption on weekly monthly basing. Get the summary of fuel available in each bus on the web dashboard.

school bus fleet tracking

Monthly/Weekly Summary

Generate summaries for the week or month for the fleet or individual buses. Analyse distance covered, fuel consumed,cost involved, revenues generated etc.

vehicle data

Driver and Vehicle data

Maintain vehicle data like insurance, fitness certificates. Reminders for timely renewals. Maintain driver records like license, badge , past incidents, driving records etc.

bus route data

Route setup

This feature enables the automatic routing and b. This is done by tus stop setup for children. The allocation of pick-up and drop-off points based on the student’s address can be done based on a reference trip. Route plans are set up in minutes whatever be the number of pickups and students.

online bus fee payment

Online Payment System

Online bus fee payment is enabled through a mobile app and does away with the need to handle currencies. Moreover, the process becomes less risky and less time-consuming. Immediate access to fee details of a student, convenient and secure to use and the procedure is instantaneous and transparent.

attendance management

Two-Factor Attendance

Integrated into the School App as an advanced feature of student safety, the two-factor attendance enables both the manager and the parent to confirm that the student has safely reached the school from home and vice versa. Notifications are sent to the concerned stakeholders after the successful completion of the trip.

Frequently asked questions

Any real-time school bus tracking system provides the GPS location of the bus with the help of customized geolocation software that connects the school administration, parents, staff and students to locate buses and the occupants during any trip. This is made possible through a mobile app that parents can download on their smartphones, tabs or desktops. Parents can even see a map and where the bus is located and the time of its arrival.

The school bus is fitted with GPS devices that continuously beam their location coordinates. These coordinates are intercepted by specially developed software in the form of a bus tracking app. This software then proceeds to convert this into readable information from dashboards.

The software app also connects parents, school administration, and students. This makes all details available through dashboards such as the map of the area with the location of the bus, student attendance in the bus, speed, driver details, fuel consumption, bus routes, etc. Advance functions that are incorporated in the package include auto-optimization and auto-allocation of vehicles.

  • Govt of India and various governments across the world are making the installation of GPS devices mandatory for school buses because of an increasing number of bus accidents and to ensure safety of children. These GPS devices play an important role to handle various emergency situations.
  • GPS trackers are devices that use signals from the 24 positioning satellites in the orbit above the earth to pinpoint a location.
  • Stable and reliable GPS devices are fitted onto school buses and signals from the bus are routed to a central server for tracking and monitoring the data.
  • The GPS devices will be found on all school buses once they are made compulsory. SkoolBeep provides the best quality AIS-140 GPS devices.

We install stable and reliable AIS-140 GPS devices onto all your school buses. The location coordinate signals that they emit continuously are intercepted by the software and routed to a central server that we have assigned to track and monitor GPS data.

The SkoolBeep School Bus Tracking App can be downloaded on smartphones, desktops, and tabs of the parents and school staff. This software helps to connect all the stakeholders. The intercepted data can help the connected individuals see the real-time location of the bus on the map and other details such as student attendance in the bus, time of pick-up and drop-off and many other connected details.

The School bus tracking system software connects all the stakeholders like the parents, the administration and the students.

  • Parents: They can see the location of the bus in real-time on the map displayed. They also get notifications as soon their ward reaches the school or returns back home. They are notified as soon as the student gets on or off the bus. They are alerted in case of delays or route diversions.
  • Administration: They get information about the route taken by the bus, alerts when the driver exceeds the recommended speed, notified when the driver deviates from the usual route or crosses the geofencing area, information about driver behavior, speed and fuel consumption history, trip histories, etc.
  • Students: The automatic routing ensures that the bus reaches pre-decided spots at specific times and therefore the child does not have to waste any time waiting at the location to board the bus.

The SkoolBeep bus tracking app works on both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the app can be downloaded on different devices such as PCs, tabs and smartphones.

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