School Bus Management

Simplify fleet management & improve student safety

Track and monitor your entire school bus fleet from a single dashboard. Your transport administrator can get real-time updates on location, driving patterns, delays, and breakdowns from a central location.

With detailed reports and analysis, you can reduce operational costs, ensure timely maintenance, and take control of student safety. Parents can monitor the real-time location and time of arrival using the SkoolBeep app.

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SkoolBeep School Bus Management Solutions

SkoolFleet Advanced

Revolutionize your school bus fleet management with our state-of-the-art solution. Equipped with Govt of India Compliant AIS-140 GPS unit, certified by Dept. of Transport (MVD) of state govt, our system meets the mandatory requirement in various states across India.

SkoolFleet Lite

A simple, cost-effective solution that can provide real-time live tracking and proximity alert to parents using any available Android or iOS devices.

Live Tracking Live location tracking of bus available to parents
Proximity Notification When the bus enters within 1 or 2 kilometers of set pickup location, parents will receive an alert.
24*7 Fleet tracking Bus location data can be tracked at all times, regardless of whether the ignition is on or off.
Route Optimization Get regular mileage calculations with fuel sensors. Analyze data and identify the most efficient routes for each bus.
RFID tracking RFID to mark student entering or leaving the bus
Dashboard Dashboard view to see the entire fleet in motion, plan to delays and create backup plans
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Effortless School Bus Fleet Management

SkoolBeep’s school transport management solutions ensure effective management of your entire school bus fleet and provide peace of mind regarding student safety to parents and schools.

Improve Student Safety

Monitor driving patterns, route deviations and ensure drivers are following safe driving practices.

Better communication with parents.

No more frantic calls to the school office. Parents can get alerts on location of bus and delays.

Route Optimization

Streamline bus routes by analyzing data and identifying the most efficient routes for each bus.

Increase Accountability & transparency

Increase overall accountability and transparency by monitoring and capturing data.

Reduce fuel & maintenance costs

Proactively service vehicles, check maintenance activities and analyse fuel consumption to reduce costs .

Better Monitoring with detailed reporting

Get a bird’s eye-view of your fleet or individual buses. Analyse distance covered, fuel consumed,cost involved, revenues generated etc

Maintain Driver & Vehicle data

Keep track of vehicle data such as insurance and fitness certificates. Maintain detailed records of your drivers, including their license and driving history.

Timely decisions with instant alerts

Identify and address traffic congestion, delays and breakdowns quickly.

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Exceptional Features from SkoolBeep


The bus tracking app is AIS140 certified and can easily connect with existing GPS devices. The integration with any AIS-140 hardware is smooth with no time loss.


Access to bus location tracking can be provided on any smartphone owned by teachers, staff or parents.


Features such as speed monitoring, live feeds from buses, route deviation alerts, and traffic condition alerts provide enhanced safety.


The software integrates easily with existing systems and can be set up in minutes. Setting up routes, configuring stops, adding student and staff information can be done very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transport management : has two components ; fleet management for transport managers. Live tracker & alerts for parents

Fleet management provides a holistic view about all buses in a single dashboard. Will have detailed reports on each bus, about routes taken, time of arrival at each stop, and monthly reports on driving styles, distance covered, incidents etc

Parents can set their pick and drop points. Parents can live track the assigned bus when the route is activated for parent tracking. Parents can set proximity alerts to inform when the bus reaches within a set distance like say 1 km from pickup/drop point.

Works with tracking unit ( Option1 : AIS 140 compliant hardware unit OR a mobile device)

Tracking unit periodically uploads the bus location data to a central server which is provided to parents for live location tracking. Any particular events of interest (like over-speeding, sudden braking etc) are also reported to the central server.

To get fitness certificates for school buses many states in India have mandated AIS-140 certified GPS device fitting. In those states, AIS140 certified GPS devices are mandatory.

Providing location feed to parents is an optional choice for school

The tracking device ( Hardware AIS1-40 device OR configured mobile phone) uploads the location information or any other interesting incident information to the central server. This is then collated for reports and providing live feed to parents.

Parents: They can see the location of the bus in real-time. They also get alerts notifications on arrival at school/home, delays or route diversions ensuring peace of mind.

Administration: Detailed dashboard and incident reports give schools better control and access to critical information that can improve efficiency and reduce running costs.

Students: Better safety, security and lesser time waiting at their pickup point.

We support live tracking from Android App, iOS App and web interface which can be accessed from all browsers.

The Transport dashboard is available on Android App and as a web interface which can be accessed from all browsers.