How to Navigate Different Options on The CBSE Website

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an apex educational organisation in India at the school level. Envisioned by the Central Government, the entity provides valuable academic quality to the nation.


This post briefs on everything about the official website of CBSE ( and everything related to it.

How to Access CBSE Official Website

You can just go to the link and enter it on your device’s search engine. There will be multiple options which you can choose and use at your convenience.


The tab options are main website, academic website, pariksha sangam, prashikshan triveni, saras and results. Our focus lies mostly on the main website access and the resources within it.

Get to Know Everything About CBSE Official Website

One glance at the CBSE website, and you will know that the sitemap covers every piece of information that you need throughout your school academic career.

How to Know

This section covers how to know about various subsections of CBSE modules within the website.

CBSE Circulars, Announcements and Notifications

All circulars, announcements and notifications will be available on the top section of your homepage itself. These will be covered under the topic ‘Latest @ CBSE’.


CBSE Results

The results section of the board will be under the quick navigation section. You can get an overview of the published results and the previous results here.


How to Get CBSE Affiliation for School?

For getting CBSE affiliation for schools, you can apply using the website. The application link will redirect to the School Affiliation Re-engineered Automation System (SARAS).


Under this section, eight different categories are shown. You may proceed with the tabs matching your use case. All information and data regarding the application for affiliation are given here. The affiliation procedure is open for multiple schooling segments.


Types of Affiliations

The types of CBSE affiliations for schools are as follows:


» Independent, PSU New School

» Foreign New School

» Independent, PSU Existing School

» Foreign Existing School

» New & Existing School

» Aided New & Existing School

» CTSA New & Existing School

» JNV New & Existing School

» KVS New & Existing School

» Army, Air Force & Navy New & Existing School


Central Teacher Eligibility Test

Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is a test for determining the appointment of eligible teachers under the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) guidelines. The Ministry of Education is responsible for organising the test.


CBSE Academics

A separate section of the website redirects to CBSE academics with an onus on the major objectives of the academics unit. CBSE achieves academic excellence with the support of the Academic, Training, Innovation and Research Unit and creates an operational planning environment within affiliated schools.


Know About CBSE Curriculum

The latest CBSE curriculum consists of secondary and senior secondary syllabi for each academic year. The curriculum for skill subjects is separately available.


How to Download NCERT Books?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books are the best resource materials for learning CBSE syllabi and are available for download on NCERT’s official website. You can get the online version from the ‘E-books’ tab under the ‘Publications’ section.


Artificial Intelligence

As part of CBSE academics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) curriculum is available. These modules were launched as part of CBSE’s Research and Development Unit. AI Projects, AI Student Communities and AI Facilitator Communities are available under this part.


Life Skills

A specific section of the CBSE academics is dedicated to life skills, health and well-being programmes that will help students get an extra edge in their careers and lives. The entity promotes a peer education model with a focus on students taking up responsible, independent roles.

The CBSE board examinations tab covers items like examination bye-laws, calendar of activities and previous year question papers.


CBSE Syllabus

CBSE syllabus is the same as the curriculum modules shared in the academic section.


Download CBSE Sample Question Papers

You can easily download the previous year’s question papers that act as sample resources for your examination preparation. CBSE questions since 2013 are available for your perusal.


CBSE Exam Results

CBSE exam results will be available on the designed portal, and you can view and download the results according to the release from the board and the publishing status.


Information For:

The CBSE board covers a whole host of information that concerns various member sections of the board.

Schools, Principals, Teachers

There is a specific segment on the CBSE website sincerely dedicated to schools, principals and teachers. All these sections include subcategories that will help the relevant parties learn more about their roles, responsibilities and privileges within the organisation.


Skill Education and Subjects Offered

CBSE promotes a department of skill education that perfectly syncs with the original school subjects and modules. The list of skill subjects offered by CBSE are:

» Artificial Intelligence

» Beauty and Wellness

» Design Thinking

» Financial Literacy

» Handicrafts

» Information Technology

» Mass Media

» Travel and Tourism

» Marketing and Commercial Application

» Retail

» Security

» Automotive

» Agriculture

» Food production

» Healthcare

» Apparel

» Web Application

» Banking & Insurance

» Front Office Applications

» Taxation

» Cost Accounting

» Electrical & Electronic Technology

» Air-conditioning & Refrigeration

» Health Care

» Horticulture

» Geospatial Technology

» Medical Diagnostics

» Textile Design

» Salesmanship

» Yoga

» Library & Information Science

» Business Administration

» Food Nutrition

» Fashion Studies

» Early Childhood Care


School Address, Name Change, School Section Increase, School Addition of Subjects

The school corner section of the website covers school address indication, the name change of affiliated schools, an increase in the school sections and the addition of school subjects to the affiliated entities.


Student – Subject Change, Student – Name Minor Correction

The student corner section deals with all changes related to the student’s information, like student name corrections and student subject changes.



For everything related to scholarship information, you can visit the particular section on the CBSE website that includes features like application forms, general guidelines, public notifications, grievances, faqs, press releases, various schemes and advisory announcements/notifications.



The migration category is covered on the website for aiding students with their migration certificate requirements.


National Teacher Awards

CBSE provides annual awards to teachers and principals to celebrate the merit and relevant achievements of the whole organization. It is given on Teacher’s Day on September 5th.

Students - Parents Corner

The students-parents corner is an exclusive section that takes care of everything that concerns the students and parents who are part of the extended CBSE family.


What is Students – Parents Corner?

The students-parents corner is a section that helps with the facts and information that benefits both students and their parents alike while dealing with the various aspects of the CBSE board. It covers school searches, podcasts and counselling for parents and students, different form downloads, policies and notifications, e-resources, syllabus and study materials, manuals, general questions and sample tests.


How to Access Students – Parents Corner?

A link to the students-parents corner is available at the bottom of the CBSE website’s homepage. You can click on any link that matches your requirements and use it.


Get Counselling for Children

Student counselling is an interesting and engaging part of this section. It includes counselling videos, a dedicated helpline and other priority items to help support the students in their academic journey.

Physical Education and Sports

With a focus on extra-curricular activities in the syllabus, the CBSE board covers the physical education and sports section on their website. It includes general zones and cluster divisions, circular notification on events and general sports information.


How to Organize Sports

You can apply to organize sports under the application tab for the sports system category. You may register as a student or as a school willing to participate in a sporting activity.


Apply to Participate in Sports

For applying to participate in the sports category, you can reach out to the respected authorities via email communication. On successful submission and verification, you can proceed with the same.


Know Sports Calendar

CBSE releases annual sports calendars on their website. You can check it out from the scrolling section and know about all the events, activities, organizations and venues in advance. It helps you plan your school academic year strategically as well.


View Results of Your Sports Performance

All sports event results will be updated on the website. You can know all about it, including full game details.

Enquiry to CBSE Office

For all the above information and lots more, you can reach out to the CBSE office via different forms of communication.


Helpline No.

CBSE Helpline No. – 1800-11-8002


Email ID

CBSE official email ID: [email protected]



CBSE official address:

Shiksha Kendra,

2, Community Centre,

Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092


Know CBSE Regional Offices and Contact No.

CBSE enquiry nos. – 011-22509256, 22509257, 22509258, 22509259.


The CBSE regional offices are present in Ajmer, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi East, Delhi West, Guwahati, Noida, Panchkula, Patna, Allahabad, Pune and Trivandrum. You can get the exact location and contact persons along with full details on the official CBSE website.

Wrapping Up

Information related to CBSE is available in offline modes as well. But online resources will help you keep an easy grasp on all the vital information in one place.


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