Parent Communication Portal

School app for parents for timely communication and seamless tracking.

Increased parental involvement can lead to academic gains for students: higher grades, better attendance, more proactive participation, and a better relationship with teachers.

SkoolBeep’s school app for parents makes it easier for parents to stay involved in their child's education and ensures they have all the information they need to make informed decisions in one location.

Unifying & Simplifying Parent Communication

School Fees

School Bus

Student Performance

Personal Information


Govt. or board Compliance

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Everything School in One App

No more tracking communication across websites, student paper diaries, SMS, paper circulars, Facebook pages, and bus-tracking apps! With the SkoolBeep app, all school-related communication and student information is centralized. All the information you need, any time you need at your fingertips.

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Better Involvement, Better Outcomes

SkoolBeep’s parent communication module makes it easier for parents to stay involved in their child's education and ensures they have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

One place for everything school

Parents can access all important student information with just a few clicks, including schedules, fee payments, homework, report cards, attendance, and more.

Easy reminders & notifications

Quick SMS/email reminders for pending assignments, upcoming exams, open house days and other events to help busy parents stay on top of school activities.

Secure Communication

Parents can connect with teachers and play an active role in the child’s academic and non academic activities.

Avoid late fees

Never miss a payment deadline with timely reminders via SMS and Email . Auto-generated receipts on fee payment.

Pay Fees at your convenient time

No more waiting in queues during office hours. Pay fees online at your convenience using the SkoolBeep app. Loan options available.

Track Child’s Performance

Be more involved in your child’s academic progress. Access assignment list. marks, report cards, exam dates etc. for any time period easily.

Keep student information updated

Upload personal details or documents securely through user-friendly screen anytime or anywhere

Improved parent school relationship

By involving parents in the school community, they become more invested in their child's education and feel a sense of ownership in the success of the school.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Effective parent teacher communication is crucial for a vibrant school community. Bringing teachers, students, parents, and administrators onto a secure platform ensures everyone is up-to-date and connected, preventing important messages and updates from being missed. Open communication and collaboration creates a supportive, inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.

Categorize & and automate fee calculations factoring scholarships and discounts. Customize student fees and payment installments easily.

Instant messaging, announcements, and calendar integration keep everyone informed.

Share photos, videos, voice calls, documents (PDF & Word).

Update diary, assessments, report cards, assignments and more. A single dahboard view ensures no communication is missed.

Read receipts to understand the reach of messages. Bridging solutions like voice call & SMS

Student Information sorted the SkoolBeep Way

Schools need a centralized and secure channel of communication to build relationships, communicate effectively, and increase engagement without compromising privacy. While WhatsApp may be a popular communication tool among friends and family, it is not designed for educational purposes.

Here is why investing in a trusted education communication platform like SkoolBeep is the best choice for schools:

All phone numbers can be accessed by any group member resulting in unsolicited reach-outs.

Member credentials are verified and added.

Numbers are hidden from group members.

Cluttered Information
Important messages could go unnoticed in general conversation.

Communicate to the entire school, a particular class or a segment of students/parents or teachers.

No hassle to manage and track communication with multiple seperate groups

Administration Ease
Managing multiple WhatsApp groups can be a daunting task and some groups may miss out on key information.
Manage changes in schedule, online classes, transportation updates, unexpected holidays etc with real-time notifications.
Suited to School ecosystem
Not designed for the communication needs of schools like attendance alerts, report card, fee management notifications, etc.
Send timely notifications on fees, attendance, events, timetable, bus routes etc. easily.
Work-life balance for teachers
Messaging and calls from parents after work hours can be an additional burden for teachers.
Respond to messages at their own convenience.
Customization Options
Doesn't support the standardization of format or nature of messaging required from a professional organization.
Create custom templates, ensure compliance with regulations and maintain a professional image.

Frequently Asked Questions

The parent portal centralizes access to different communication threads related to a student in a single location. Apart from centralization of communication, it also:

  • consolidated all information for parents
  • streamlines school operations and digitization
  • protects personal information from unauthorized access
  • ensures one point access for all school parent communications

  • Based on class and section, access can be enabled for father/mother/guardian.
  • Access can be one-way or two-way based on school’s discretion
  • School can configure the point of contact for two-way access model

To ensure security and prevent unauthorized access, login has to be created by the school and provided to parents.

It empowers teachers with an interface to communicate with parents regarding classroom performance and activities. This ensures that all communication is tracked and helps ensure work-life balance for teachers as they don't have to continuously monitor Whatsapp chats or messages.

The SkoolBeep support team will set up the school parent/student enrolment system. The team will also set up the parent portal to facilitate parent access, school operations management and enable role-based staff access.