Report Card Management

Generate custom report cards that are accurate, board-compliant and insightful easily.

Reduce the amount of time spent on manual entry of marks, report card formatting, and grade calculation with SkoolBeep. Our platform not only allows for mobile entry of grades by teachers but also automates grade calculations and provides customized report cards that will impress parents.

Access to report cards is quick and easy for parents with a simple login on the SkoolBeep app. The academic team can also gain in-depth insights into school, class, and student performance. SkoolBeep also provides compliance with board and NEP requirements, making it a hassle-free solution for all your evaluation and report card management needs.

Effortless report card management and performance monitoring

Enter student information, class details, and grading criteria into the system. Schools can customize the system to match their specific needs.

Teachers can enter marks into the system using their mobile app from anywhere

With a few clicks, the report card management software automatically calculates grades based on the predefined criteria.

With a few clicks, attractive report cards for individual students or entire classes can be generated. Print or export report cards for a particular student or an entire class at once.

Parents can log in to view their child's report cards, providing instant access to performance.

The principal and academic team can get summarized or segmented views and insights on student, class, subject or school performance.

Revolutionize student evaluation & improve student success

SkoolBeep’s report card management system not only simplifies and automates the process of evaluation. It helps provide timely and helpful insights on performance, keeps parents involved and enables holistic evaluation. Schools can focus on improving student success with reliable insights.

Digitizes the entire result management process

Make the entire process of exam result management digitized from marks entry to custom, well-designed report card.

Easy marks entry

Teachers can enter marks easily using the SkoolBeep app.

Automates grade calculations

Eliminate the headache of complex grade calculations and ensure accuracy and huge time savings.

Instant generation of Report Cards

Reduce effort done on complex calculations and generate report cards easily.

Give parents easy access to child’s performance

Publish or share results via the parent portal enabling them easy access to their child’s performance.

Analyse student, class and school performance

Compile and access data for any segment to get a clear understanding and insights on performance.

Effortlessly comply with regulatory requirements

Comply with NEP or board requirements and provide holistic understanding of student performance in defined formats.

Impress with well-designed custom templates

Design impressive-looking report cards as per your schools’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SkoolBeep’s student result management system has essentially two parts:

  • Student Report: Record of all evaluation for a particular student
  • School Summary: Detailed reports on student, class, subject, school performance for administrators.

The steps involved:

  • Choose from our repository of CBSE/Education Board compliant report card templates
  • Setup of Grading/Marking levels
  • Entry by Teachers using SkoolBeep app
  • Publish reports online or export and print report cards
  • School Analysis/Parent review of progress

The student result management system can transform the way your school handles performance management. From streamlining processes to improving accuracy, efficiency, trackability and deriving insights it can be a true asset to your school.

  • Comply with Govt and Academic Board regulations
  • Reduce teachers efforts by 90%
  • Remote marks entry for teachers through smartphones
  • Summary for principal and teachers analysis
  • Elegantly designed report card for parents

  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • Easy to collate marks
  • Auto grade calculations
  • Role based publishing rights
  • Elegantly designed report card templates

Yes, we provided teacher training. We also have easily understandable youtube videos.

Yes. Available as pdf in the SkoolBeep app. This can be downloaded as well.

Entire report card for a class can be exported as a single pdf file. This can be used to print report cards for the entire class.

3 days including setup and training.