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Fee Management

SkoolBeep's fee management software provides a comprehensive solution for schools to simplify and speedup the fee collection process.

Automate announcements, reminders & receipts.
Accelerate the fee collection with student loans & online payment from app

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
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Premium Features

Simple & Accurate Fee Collection

We simplify the fee management process and speed up the collection with online payments and student loans.
Easy for parents, effortless for accountant, auditor and school management

Fully Automated

Integrated online payment gateway ensures no more long queues at the school counter for paying fees

Simplified Process

Realtime payment summary and reports. Automate the entire process from notice to receipt

Reduce Pilferage

Student Loans & ability to handle complex fee structures reduces pilferage to zero

Convenient for Schools & Parents

  • Zero touch & comfortable payment from home.
    No more physical challans and school/bank visits.

  • Instant receipt generation and payment acknowledgement for fee paid and availability of receipt in SkoolBeep app

  • Easy to avail student loan option to avoid one-time lumpsum payment for parents, enables faster collection for school

  • Real time summary, detailed reports, easy reminders, instant receipts, multiple accounts settlement to ensure effectiveness.

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Importance of Fee Management Software

An effortless and flawless mechanism for fee scheduling, timely reminders, payment collection, automated receipt generation and bank reconcilation is important for the financial viability of the education institution

  • Integrated within parent app: Safe and highly secure payment gateway system integrated in SkoolBeep App offers multiple payment mode options
  • Insightful Analytics: Exhaustive reports and analytics of the school fee collected for customizable (daily/weekly etc.) duration
  • Reduce Pilferage: Accurate and flexible fee management software with ability to handle complex fee structures reduces pilferage to zero
  • Simplified Setup Process: Very easy and simple setup procedure expedites fee automation

Automatic Fee Collection

The fee management software takes into account multiple factors to calculate the outstanding fee with great accuracy and no manual intervention

Secure Transactions

The secure payment gateway enables payment of fees with few clicks. No more hassles of standing in queues for fee payments.

Instant Receipt Generation

The fee management software sends automated receipts upon successful completion of payment through the school app

Timely Fee Reminders

The fee defaults are avoided as the fee management software sends out timely reminders through the school app

Awesome Interface

Fee payments from mobile app

Simplify the payment process for parents. Speedup the fee collection process for schools

Customer's Reviews

What our customers
are saying about SkoolBeep

Don't just take it from us, listen to what our existing customers say about SkoolBeep!
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Dedication & Support !

SkoolBeep is like the pulse of our school. They always rise up to the occasion, one example is starting online classes at pandemic time. Inspite of the uncertainity and hurdles, SkoolBeep is like a beanbag, a resilient yet a rock like support for running virtual school. Their dedication and support is worth mentioning.

Dr. Subadra Muralidharan
Principal, Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Palakkad

Stable & Reliable

SkoolBeep App is very easy to use, affordable and provides outstanding convenience. It is stable and reliable with very good features. The photo and video uploading helps to share with parents all activities and celebrations. It helps our institution to communicate with parents effectively. The customer support is good.

Y Aswath Narayana
Chairman, Advaith International Academy, Hosur

Simple Solution!!

SkoolBeep provided us a simple solution to a complex problem. They made our communication with parents easy and effective. It is very easy to use and well appreciated by teachers & parents. I appreciate the SkoolBeep team for their relentless support, which is efficient and quick

Manoj V M
Principal, Navabharath Central School, Malappuram

Building great parent
relationship is just a step away

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  • Online Class Infrastructure
  • Fee Management
  • Payments & Student Loans
  • Parent Communication App


Per student per year


+ Applicable GST
  • Everything in basic plan
  • Digital Content & Presentations
  • Daily online homework system
  • Question Bank & Online Assesment

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SkoolBeep fee management is a comprehensive software suite that can digitize your entire school fee collection process. If you have more questions, please send us a message

Eventually all parents are going to have smartphones, but we do understand that some of the parents may not have access to smartphone today. To enable communication with all parents, we have made SMS bridging and voice calls. This will ensure you can reach out to all parents irrepective of phone type or data connection availability.

Yes. We support all Indian languages & other unicode options in SkoolBeep app, website, bridging SMS and voice calls

Please get in touch with us through the contact form in this page OR email/support numbers in this page. Our team will guide you through the process & trial options available.

Please get in touch with us through the contact form in this page OR email/support numbers in this page. Our team will guide you through the process & trial options available.

The main revenue mechanism for free platforms like Google and Facebook are targetted advertisements. We do not allow advertisement in SkoolBeep and our primary revenue is affordable software subscription cost. We are committed to keep subscription cost affordable and ensure highest quality of service to schools, parents and students.

Support all payment mechanisms

SkoolBeep is available on all Android and iOS devices. We support all the leading banks ins India, which will ensure that all your payment requirements are covered. In addition to netbanking, we support UPI interface and integration with the digital payment interfaces like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM etc.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices