Fee Management Solutions

Automate & Streamline Fee Management

Simplify the fee management process and speed up collection with online payments and student loans. A secure, efficient & hassle-free mechanism for fee scheduling, reminders, payment collection, receipt generation and bank reconciliation.

Easy for parents, effortless for accountant, auditor and school management.

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Take charge of your educational institution’s financial health

Categorize and automate fee calculations factoring scholarships and discounts. Customize student fees and payment installments easily.

Set pending fees-related reminders and notifications to parents. Enable timely collections.

Online Payment support for over 50+ banks & UPI apps integrated within SkoolBeep app. Loan Options also available.

Real time summary, detailed reports, easy reminders, instant receipts, multiple accounts settlement to ensure effectiveness.

Helps administrative staff in creating & managing internal documentation and records of all transactions. Payment reconciliation saves hours of manual audit work.

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Simple, Secure, Hassle-free Fee Management

SkoolBeep’s fee management provides a comprehensive solution for schools to simplify and speed up the fee collection process. An efficient mechanism for fee scheduling, timely reminders, payment collection, automated receipt generation, and bank reconciliation that lets you stay on top of the financial health of your institution.

Accurate, Transparent Fee Collection

Eliminate human errors or misappropriation with automatic fee calculation.

Convenient Payments

No more long queues at the school office. Round-the-clock online payment options make it easy for staff and parents.

Easy Customization

Fees of each student can be auto-calculated based on fee structure, scholarships, discounts etc.

Automatic Reminders & Receipts

Improve fee collection and enable timely payment with reminders. Auto-generate receipts on every successful payment

Loan & Multiple Payment Options

Online Payment support for over 50+ banks & UPI apps. Loan options to ease parental burden and speed collections.

Custom Financial Dashboards

Compile and access data for any time-frame or segment in pre-defined reporting formats in a matter of minutes.

Hassle-free Accounting

Streamline fee collection, automate tax calculations, improve revenue generation and accept donations.

Smarter, Quicker Decisions

Get a bird’s eye-view of all the information you need on your mobile app in real-time for smarter, quicker decisions.

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the SkoolBeep advantage

Why Choose Us?

Trusted by 1500+ schools

SkoolBeep is absolutely secure and trusted by 1000+ schools across 15 states across India.

50+ Options to Pay

Online Payment support for over 50+ banks & UPI apps integrated within SkoolBeep app. Loan Options also available.

Easy Customization

Ability to handle complex fee structures.

Insightful Analytics

Exhaustive reports and analytics of the school fee collected for any duration(daily/weekly/monthly etc.)

Simplified Setup Process

Very easy and simple setup procedure expedites fee automation. We also have a responsive support team.

Supported Payment Mechanisms

SkoolBeep is available on all Android and iOS devices. We support all the leading banks in India, which will ensure that all your payment requirements are covered. In addition to net banking, we support UPI interface and integration with digital payment interfaces like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM etc.

Fee Management - The SkoolBeep Process

Share fee details

School shares fee details for an academic year with SkoolBeep. Our team will set up the fee management module.

Alert Parents

School announces online fee payment to parents.

Pay on Mobile App

Parents pay over the mobile app. Instant alert to school on new payments. Parents receive instant fee receipt over the app.

Account Updated

All payments during the day settles in to school bank account by mid-day next day.

Access Reports

School can accesses payment history collection report and due report any time for reconciliation

What Schools Say

The academic team at our school have evaluated the learning solution from SkoolBeep. It has chapter-wise videos, presentations, practice questions and mock exams. It is completely aligned to the syllabus.
Ms V Subbulakshmi B.Sc., B.Ed.
Principal, Sri Akilandeswari Vidyalaya Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
SkoolBeep provided us a simple solution to a complex problem. They simplified the fee collection process. It is very easy to use and well appreciated by parents and finance team. I appreciate the SkoolBeep team for their relentless support, which is efficient and quick
Rev. Sr. Febi Mary Fernandez
Principal Marygiri English Medium School Trivandrum, Kerala

Frequently Asked Questions

SkoolBeep’s fee management software significantly enhances your school's efficiency by automating and streamlining financial processes. Here are the key features that will transform the way you collect and manage fees.

Simplifies fee collection: Online payment options for Parents. Reduces manual effort for staff. Reminders and notifications will ensure timely transactions.

Customizable fee structures: Handle fee structures including tuition, scholarships, extracurricular activities, and other miscellaneous fees with ease.

Tracks payments in real-time: Get insights into financial health and detailed collection reports anytime.

Automatic receipt generation: Minimizes paperwork and provides a clear record for both the school and parents.

Ensure Compliance: Secure data handling and integration with accounting systems ensures data capture making yearly audits a breeze.

Overall, the software saves time, reduces costs, and promotes a transparent, efficient, and secure fee management system for your school.

When parents pay over the mobile app, the school receives an instant alert on new payments. Parents receive instant fee receipt over the app. All payments during the day settles into the school bank account by mid-day next day. Once the parent pays the fees it flows to a safe escrow account, which can be operated only based on RBI conditions & guidelines. This ensures complete safety of transactions and on time/prompt money settlement for the school.

YES. SkoolBeep supports all payment mechanisms from Cash, Bank Challans, Direct Online transfer to school bank account, DD, Cheques, Wallets etc.. Parents can choose and pay though any payment mechanism thats convenient for them, SkoolBeep fee payment system supports ALL mechanisms.

Online payment is an additional convenience that enables 24*7 availablity, instant receipts, easy reconciliation for school management & a convenient method that saves time and effort for parents.

For schools at the start of academic cycle, entire fee amount will be received upfront. Payments from multiple installments can abe combined together and received upfront. For students they could have an option to receive interest free EMI. Please get in touch with us through the contact form in this page OR email/support numbers in this page. Our team will guide you through the process & loan options available.

Please get in touch with us through the contact form in this page OR email/support numbers in this page.. We will schedule a time to talk to your school administration staff and set up the system for you in 10-15 days.