Improve Student Performance

Set up, conduct and manage different exam schedules; Results report; Notifications to Stakeholders; Improvement of student performance

innovative e-exam process and assessment solutions; integrated suite to create, conduct and evaluate term exam, chapter and practice tests, online question bank

Online Assessment

Manage all online assessment for weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams.

Hassle Free Question Management

Easily notify students and parents via SMS/App notification; notify users when results are declared; create exams for multiple subjects/classes on different days; exam calendar to track the exams scheduled for the entire academic year

Generate progress report based on student performance in the exams before the quarterly/ half-yearly open house meetings; print a separate/combined exam report

Exam analysis and graphical analysis for individual subjects and combined group subjects; multiple grading, display of grades/marks/percentage on demand via dashboards or as print

Online Assessment Features

  • Question Bank on Modules

    Question bank on modules with past five years’ question papers in any subject/class; handy for use by students and teachers

  • Reschedule Exams

    Reschedule exams/mock test on any subject for any student on any subject and update marks

  • Instant Test Result

    Instant mock test result via dashboard for parents and student; maintain results for previous mock tests

  • Review Correct Answers

    Review correct answers facility; question paper randomization; print-out facility for question papers

student learning outcomes assessment

Online Exam Benefits

Hassle-free examination process and Assessment Solutions

  • Increased exam conduct efficiency; mock tests as per student convenience; randomized question paper generation; set question papers for any subject/class at the click of a button
  • Flexible software for online exams; SMS/App notification for parents and students for every single exam; ‘Only for parents’ exam results display
  • Export exam results by administrators in multiple formats; Mark absent students for thops who do not attend exams; download exam mark-sheets in PDF formats; Instant exam results publication
  • Unlimited questions generator; Question paper printouts on demand; students can refer to question bank from anywhere anytime; secure and confidential examination process

Online Exam Assessment Tools

Create/Administer Tests via Digital Devices

  • Streamline the process of creating and administering exams via digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs; Select from pre-set question banks;
  • Questions delivered to students through portal or mobile apps; automatic gradation for each student after completion of online exams
  • Evaluate student mastery in different subjects via live responses; administer traditional tests and quizzes; advanced evaluation tools in conjunction with the learning management software
  • Data compilation from test assessment results into descriptive dashboard functions; on-demand reporting for classes/subjects/ tests; Proficiency listings of any subject
assessment and evaluation of student learning

Frequently asked questions

Using our school information system, you will be able to create questions and quizzes automatically. The sequences of the questions will be randomized and this will prevent any kind of malpractice by the students. Moreover, the answers provided by the students can be graded automatically and results published instantaneously.

Quizzes, MCQs, matching exercises, case studies, self-assessments, scenario-based quizzes, problem-solving exercises, gaming-type questions are all questions that can be set for an online examination. The answers of the students for these questions can be graded on the basis of pre-stored answers instantaneously after the student(s) answer(s) the questions.

This refers to systematic process in which the educators chronicle data provided by the students as answers to online exams and utilize this data to ratify candidates’ skills, knowledge of a subject, and behavioral aspects of the students. This kind of assessments taken in a periodical fashion will help the instructors to align learning outcomes with the methodologies employed for teaching that will ultimately help the students to improve the learning process.

School administrators and instructors will make sure that the dates of online tests and term exams are notified to the parents as well as the students well ahead of the test dates. Students are given extra time in case there are technical glitches or Wi-Fi problems during the course of the exam. IN case the students do not have access to technology, the student will be allowed to take the exam offline.

The test evaluation tools are capable of assessing the students’ performances as soon as the online exam is over. The students are graded and rank lists are published instantaneously after the conduct of the online exams. Also, school information systems are designed to publish subject-wise and class-wise ranked lists.

Yes, the school information systems are designed to create both objective and subjective types of questions to assess the students’ performance. In case of subjective questions, the concerned examiners can log in and analyze and evaluate each student’s answer for the subjective questions. They fill in the grades according to the student’s performance and this is published at the end of the process.

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