Student Tracking System Software

The real-time student tracking system that leverages mobile and web technologies to improve student performance; enhance graduation rate; mobile app for tracking student location instantaneously; Track location and take pictures

Ability to track student locations (historical) in real time to improve student retention rate; know who is absent from class/ bus trip at the press of a button; Best-in-class RFID

Automated Bus attendance systems; real-time student-faculty location tracking with historical data support; safe secure environment for student transport; RFID, GPRS, GPS technology integration; email/text alerts for parents

Student attendance management easier than ever; integrated reports; tracks as many students in different classes all in the same place; view student in class at any time; faster than using pen and paper

Student Tracking System Features

Frequently asked questions

Student attendance tracking software enables schools and higher education institutions to mark attendance in the class and send reports to administrators. Create comprehensive reporting based on all student records to identify patterns and trends and make informed decisions

Student tracking is a method used by many educational institutions to group students according to their perceived ability, IQ, or achievement levels. Each student is placed in high, middle, or low tracks to provide them with a curriculum and instruction appropriate to their needs.

Curriculum-based monitoring exams. The teacher uses standardized tests that contain all the material presented over the year.

  • Observation and interaction

  • Frequent evaluations of students

  • Formative assessment

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