Student Portal

Allows Access of Information With just a few Clicks

Learn, Share and Grow

Gain access to all types of student information at the click of a button: Results, attendance; research, notes, transcripts and more

Easy to login with your school id and password; share exclusive details with your friends; become part of the virtual learning community

Information Repository Just for You

Simple, Robust, and Reliable

Easy Access to all kinds of student information; login with your School Id and Password

Become part of the learning hub; share notes, research, and transcripts with your friends

Access e-book, e-journals; widen your learning platform

Great Savings on time, paper, and effort

  • Stop carrying books; access them on the student portal; annotate your notes on the e-book – less writing involved; save paper, save the world

  • Continue learning even after you leave school; student portal facility available even to the school alumni

  • Share notes, homework, assignments easily with those who missed lessons; great savings on efforts

  • Digitally secured information with easy access; parents can also view desired information; transparent instant communication via chats to all the stakeholders

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student module

The Go-To Hub for the school student

The happening Internet hub for everything academic and non-academic

  • The transparent academic hub where you can find your notes, assignments, test grades and homework at the click of a few buttons; share details freely with your friends
  • Inclusion of the e-library for students’ benefit; get info regarding seminars, conferences and school events
  • Transparent communication aid with parents and school authorities; quick instant chats saves loads of time
  • View the latest information with a touch of your fingertips in real time

Internet Hub facilitating continuous improvement for all students

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Get Access to latest e-journals and e-books; share notes, assignments and extra knowledge

student portal app

Track all your fees dues, results and fee receipt with just the click of a button- anywhere, anytime


Enormous repository of digitized data; the perfect place for those seeking extra knowledge on any subject

Student Portal – FAQs

A student portal is a page created by an academic institution that helps students to gain information regarding their academics, results, attendance and other details. Any student can access the portal with their student id and password. It is smaller than the school management software and functions as a hub for transferring and sharing information among students.

A student portal is a hub of information for students belonging to a specific school, institution or university. Any student of the specific institution can log in to the hub and seek the information. For this purpose, each of the students that want to log in needs to have a student portal account. The portal will have a page for the student to create an account during which they will be provided with an id and a password. The student can log in to their account with the login id and password and seek the information they want.

You can do these actions:

1.First click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option that you see on the student portal page.

2.You will have to first provide your student id and email address on the screen.

3.You will receive an email to your account with a reset link.

4.Once you click on the reset link, the ‘Reset Password’ page will be shown to you.

5.That will give you the option to key in a new password after your ID and will require you to reconfirm the same by typing it once more. Once this procedure is completed you will be assigned the new password.

6.For further logging into your student portal account you have to key in your student id and the new password.

No. The student portal which provides access to various details such as attendance, fees and academics for the student is not an elaborate package similar to that of the school management software. It is much smaller and easily manageable. It is primarily an Internet hub for the students that provides extra information but has only limited functionality. It can be thought of as a mere e-learning platform for the students.

The student portal has the following advantages:
  • It allows easy access to information. Students can easily login with an id and password and access both academic and non-academic information.

  • Presence of a student portal allows for a tremendous saving of paperwork, thus proving to be a green solution.

  • SIt allows easy, transparent and quick communication among the stakeholders in real time.

A student portfolio represents a collection of a specific student’s work, achievements, awards won, grades secured, ranks awarded, and a student’s best non-academic pieces of creation. Such student portfolios are stored in the student portal and can be accessed by the student when they log in with their id and password.
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