School Fee Management System

School Fee/Admissions Module

Manage Daily Administrative Tasks – Fee Collection and Admission

school management software

Student Fee Management System

The online platform that facilitates end-to-end collection of school fees paid via credit cards/debit cards/Net banking and generates insightful reports.

Safe and secure and enables easy administration.

School Admission Management Software

AN all-in-one admissions module that eliminates all paperwork.

A powerful system that powers the admissions process of students.

Improves productivity of the Admissions team with zero paperwork and sets recruitment practice benchmark

Completely empowers the admissions team and frees up their time to care of important tasks; 100% automatic and paper- free; automatic email confirmation of admission through school admission form.

Constantly engages the students guiding them step-by-step with their admissions process; removes the usual strenuous routine freeing up time for more productive work.

Easy Fee Management System

For Parents and Administrators

  • Creation and management of fee structures for different sections and classes; easy fee collection from students; time-saving and hassle-free.

  • Error-free and time-saving fee collection; facilitates easy creation of student profiles and fee tracking; calculation of fee for every single student.

  • Safe and Secure transactions; fee collection system with selective role-based access; automatic fee receipts delivered to students; multiple-layered encryption.

  • 100% paper-free; avoids use of heavy ledger and transaction books; No physical storage for bookkeeping.

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school fee management software india

The Most hassle-free Online School Admission Process

Eliminate all manual work related to the student admission process, from inquiry through application, interview, admission, and enrollment.

  • A complete admission system with administrators and parents in the loop always; dashboard views of the different stages of the application process.
  • Creation and configuration of workflows across multiple stages of the admissions process; automatic invoice configurations.
  • Automatic interview scheduling based on availability of time slots and their acceptance; online/offline fee payment facility.
  • Real-time reports of students’ admissions over selected periods; Automatic admission confirmation emails for parents.

Automated Fee/Admission Management

Paperless, Hassle-Free, Quick and Easy Student Management.

school fee management software india

Quick Payments and automated Fee Receipt generation system on successful fee payment completion with only a few clicks.

school fee management software india

Timely Email and SMS reminders to parents for fee payment; helps avoid late fee payment and penalties.

school fee management software india

Manage all admission enquiries on a single interface and track student applications through the entire admission process.

Safe and Secure School Fee Management Process

Automatic fee calculation and easy digital online payments

Receive and manage student fee transactions through the collection and payment portal; smooth payment method for parents at just the click of a button.

Administrators can view fees paid and fees due through descriptive dashboards; Transparent payment procedure; fast, safe and secure fees payment.

Administrators get insightful reports: Daily/weekly/term/monthly collection reports; Not-paid students’ listings.

FAQs on School Admission/Fee Management System

Yes you will receive an online notification via an SMS notification to the registered parent’s phone number or an email via the registered email address well before the final dat. We will also send repeated reminders on a timely basis till the day before the final payment date.

In case the student’s fee is not paid by the specified date, a late fee penalty of INR … will be charged to the student’s account which will have a pay by date. This will increase further if the fee is not paid. A reminder to this effect will be sent via email/SMS. The student cannot attend classes if the fee and the penalty are not paid on time.

We use a secure safe and fast fee payment gateway. As there is double layer encryption, the payment is very secure. You can pay your ward’(s’) fees using your debit card, credit card or Net Banking methods.

This is a facility to input the details of the student during the application process. This has sections related to the student information, address details, parents’ information, class to which admission is sought, etc., among others. The admission process is activated after this form has been filled up in full.

No. The form for online admission method has been set up on the basis of specific guidelines. During every stage of filling up the admission form there is help available that guides an applicant on how the form can be filled without any errors. It is an easy process.

School Admission Test is conducted for those wanting lateral entry to a specific class and the knowledge of the student has to be validated. This is integrated with the student’s admission process.
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