Student Information System (SIS)

Easy-to-Use Student Lifecycle Management Module

User-friendly, quick-recording Student Information system (SIS); Repository for complete details and documents of students for entire student lifecycle; Automates grading, Fees payments, grading, and all other communications with the wards’ parents; has extensive on-demand reporting features and analytics with compliance readiness; Provides parents with ready online access to wards’ academic and non-academic activities in school; Effectively manage school data and school processes.

Student Information System Features

  • Student Life-Cycle Management

    Helps every student to reach their individual goals while simultaneously nurturing your best relationship with each of them entwined with a process to assess performance of the student in academic and non-academic activities; actionable data to extract the best performance from the student according to innate talents.

  • Email and SMS integration

    This integrated feature facilitates sending relevant information to the non-app users. Send critical timely information to parents, stakeholders including activities, laurels won, disciplinary records, class and bus attendance, exam results, etc. Announcements by teachers and other stakeholders reach parents at the correct time.

  • Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics

    Display of actionable data in the form of easy-to-read and easy-to-understand dashboard displays; automatic reports dispatched to school administrators: teachers’ notes, performance details, fee collection and attendance details; extensive on-demand reporting systems automatically generated at the touch of a button; facilitates critical decision making for the authorities.

  • Secure Data Storage

    Data storage is secure; data effectively protected against breaches; Secure server system that guard the students’ data; guards against destruction of data with protection against viruses, malware, power outages and even natural events such as floods; data hosted on encrypted servers for maximum protection.

  • Data Backup

    The student Information system is designed to perform backup of data at regular intervals to prevent loss of data due to sudden power outages and corruption occurring thereof. Facilotates preset data backups for higher efficiency.

  • Access Anywhere Anytime

    Mobile app facilitates access of latest updated data at any place anytime at the mere touch of a button; centralized database facilitating display of latest data versions; app available on the smartphone with an Internet connection.

Student Information System – Standout Features

Maximum Organization with minimal paperwork

Complete automation of all tasks related to managing students’ activities in a school. Efficient streamlining of daily operations of a school starting from managing students’ admissions’ and all other related functions such as attendance, fee collection, assignment distribution, performance evaluation, bus trips and their organization etc., the automation improves operational efficiency and frees up precious staff time. The whole process can be accomplished with a significant reduction of paperwork.

Student Record Maintenance

A Student Information System (SIS) maintains the latest version of the students’ details in records in a centralized database. This helps in instantaneous retrieval of a variety of information pertaining to any student in the school through informative dashboards designed for the process. Moreover display of a variety of students' reports containing actionable data can be extracted on demand by the stakeholders.

Online Fee Payment Provision

The system is designed to facilitate seamless online fee payment by the students/parents. It is designed to be fast, easy and secure. Payments can be done through different devices: smartphone, tablet, PC. The screens are user friendly and the payment gateway is highly secure facilitating easy payment via debit/credit cards or net banking means. Fee payment reminders are sent via WhatsApp and instant notifications to the parents and this facility helps them avoid late fee penalties.

Seamless Communication

SIS software is empowered with instant messaging capabilities between students, parents, teachers and the management. This facilitates quick and transparent communications among all the stakeholders improving the overall efficiency of the entire system. All communications data is held in a secured manner in the database to further maintain the integrity of the system and secure privacy of the participants’ data.

Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud-based ERP version makes the Student Information System accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. The only requirement is a reliable Internet connection for the device to be used. Another main point with Cloud-based ERP is that it becomes suitable for different schools with different requirements. Each school can opt for only those modules that are required and accordingly adjust their financial commitments. They need pay only according to their usage. The school can also save resources as they do not have to appoint software maintenance staff to maintain the SIS.

Analytics Tools And Dashboard

Endowed with the latest analytical tools, the SIS processes raw data into actionable information. The system has informative dashboards and extensive on-demand reports that pertain to different departments of the school. This enables in-time decision-making that ends up saving resources for the school. Dashboards are designed to provide filtered information at the click of a button. Data can be viewed on the basis of different fields by using specific filters provided for the purpose.

Online Registration

The entire admission process for students is enabled online this enables students to apply from wherever they are located and not be present physically on the school premises. Once the data is processed, the admission confirmation emails are sent to the parents via emails and instant notifications. The fees can be paid online and the fee receipts are dispatched directly to the parents.

Mobile app

The student information system maintains the thread of communications via a mobile app. Most parents, teachers and administrators carry a mobile phone and this is the easiest way to receive or send any kind of communication between stakeholders. Easily and quickly it allows the parents and teachers to track all and any information pertaining to a student.

Supports all kinds of advanced technologies

The school information system stores and tracks all information related to students during their entire tenure in the school. As a vital tool for educational institutions of all sizes, such software systems use the most advanced technologies to perform a set of varied functions right from admission of the student, online fee payment, performance evaluations, teachers’ announcements, bus fees tracking, and library management among others. They are capable of sending instant notifications, generating extensive reports, and even track buses’ locations using these technologies.

Keeps track of students' progress and offers

A student information system is designed to track the performance of a student for the entire tenure in school. It tracks the performance of the student and helps every student to reach their academic goals. Along with, the system also offers methods to assess the performance of the student in both academic and non-academic activities. The system produces information that helps to extract the best performance from each student.

Constructively helps in establishing a connection between students...

The student information system maintains the thread of communications via a mobile app. Most parents, teachers and administrators carry a mobile phone and this is the easiest way to receive or send any kind of communication between stakeholders. Easily and quickly it allows the parents and teachers to track all and any information pertaining to a student.

Assists the management by maintaining transparency…

Quick and effective communication among the stakeholders is the key to running the school smoothly. The school information system ensures quick and transparent communication between students, teachers, parents and the administration. All this communication can be effected with just a few clicks. The data collected is also maintained safely and securely ensuring integrity and privacy.

Eases administrative tasks such as admission process, attendance management

Aimed at removing administration task hassles on an everyday basis, online admissions module for schools frees up the staff members’ time so that they can do more productive tasks. Moreover, the package is designed to do away with more than 75% of the paperwork otherwise involved in such tasks. End-to-end admission processes such as application, interviews, evaluation, admission confirmations, fees payment, etc., are all enabled online. Further, processes of attendance management on a daily basis are also done online via the student information system, thereby easing out the entire system.

Provides accurate, systematic and valuable reports

The databases held securely in the student information system can be selectively used to generate actionable information in form a variety of reports. This enables quick decision making on the part of the school authorities. The reports can be generated at regular intervals and whenever required on demand. The information selected via various filters can be read off through well-designed dashboards on screen. Quick decisions taken enable savings of the school resources.

Frequently asked questions

A student database, which essentially forms a part of the student information system, stores the complete details of a student on digital media. The SIS allows retrieval, editing and deletion of these records as required and the associated software system can be designed to ease the administration tasks of a school.

The details are fed into the database via different programs that ask for different input details of the student. A centralized version of the student database ensures that the latest version is displayed or put to other uses.

The student database maintains all details of the student for the entire tenure of the student in the school.

In a student information system, the student database maintains all different kinds of records pertaining to the student such as admission details, fee payment details, performance results, bus fee payment records, assignment details, non-academic activities, parents details, etc.

All these records can be accessed by the authorities and stakeholders whenever there is need for information to be taken out. Information can be selectively taken out using different filters. The student information system displays the relevant information via well-designed dashboards on screen or as printouts.

This kind of information is drawn out from the system whenever there is a need for communicating with parents or teachers and to aid quick decision making.

A student information system is a software package designed with a view to ease administrative daily tasks of a school. This system primarily helps in managing communications and data generated in the school environment.

The SIS is designed to accept registrations of students applying to the school, accept the fees paid by them, track their class and bus attendance, manage their assignment distribution, evaluation of their performance, track their library book details, etc., among others.

The ultimate aim of a student database is to filter out useful information from the raw that is collected through input to the system. This information will help in quick decision making and enabling transparent communications.

A student information system is created as an extensive software package that consists of hundreds of lines of code organized as programs. These programs are designed to perform multiple functions including inputting relevant student data, processing them and drawing information out through dashboards and reports. All the programs are suitably integrated to form a student information system. The data collected is stored in databases that are specially designed for the purpose.

This software package called the student information system (SIS) is designed to run on single or networked computer systems installed in the school. Ultimately the SIS helps to ease out the daily administrative tasks that take place in a school environment.

Student Information System abbreviated to SIS refers to the automation of students’ details in a school environment. The SIS system helps to form a repository of all the information pertaining to students in the educational institution during their complete tenure there. This information stored in the databases are retrieved selectively using programs according to the filters used. All these help in making quick and relevant decisions that contribute to transparent communications between the stakeholders and saving in the resources of the educational institution.

All of the students’ data are stored in databases in the SIS. The database is typically made of records which contain the information organized in separate fields. As an example, a students’ admission details record would have a student identifier number, student name, class, division, data of joining, guardian’s name, address, fee paid details, etc., as the fields. These records can be passed through filters to retrieve selective information and be presented on screen dashboards or as printed reports. This is just one example. In an SIS there are many databases containing records with different details.

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