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Parents’ Portal App – Handy Features

  • Personal Profile and Documents

    User-friendly screen to input parents’ details; easy to upload identification documents; accessible anywhere anytime on any device; trained professionals’ assistance online/offline

  • Exam Data Sheet

    Regular real-time updates of ward’s performance through data sheets for all tests/exams conducted by the school; yearly/monthly grade reports on demand via dashboards

  • Student Marksheet

    Student marksheet available at the click of a button; subjectwise/termwise reports for monthly/yearly performance on demand via dashboards

  • Homework and Assignment

    Real-time views of students’ diary citing homework/assignment details with clear date of issue and submission; assignment completion status for a period with grades obtained; instant announcements

  • Attendance Records

    Daily and monthly attendance reports; instantaneous notifications via SMS and mobile apps, on-demand reports; bus attendance reports; easy to use and read app

  • Fees Payment

    Fast, easy, secure online fee payment module; Instantaneous generation of fee receipt; Fee payment reminders via SMS and Email that helps to avoid late fee payment penalty

Secure Repository for Students’ Details

Students’ Personal Details

Parents can feed id ward(’s’) personal details securely through user-friendly screen anytime or anywhere; student given unique ID; upload student’s personal identification documents with ease

Students’ Health Details

Easy-to-spot screen to feed in all health details pertaining to your child; medicines to be taken, timings, serious health conditions; consulting doctor’s number for emergency contact

Student Activity Details

Records of students’ performances in non-academic/academic activity; easy-to-read reports at the touch of a button; competitions won, special talents if any; upcoming events for the student

Students’ Attendance Details

Instantaneous chat notification of students’ class and bus attendance; daily/weekly/monthly reports in real time; Chats via SMS/Mobile app anytime, anywhere

Students’ Results

Regular updates of student’s grades/marks and performances of all written/oral monthly/term/class tests available at the touch of a button via dashboards; On-demand printed reports for a specific period also available

Students’ Library Details

Students’ library activity tracker; books at hand, books read/returned to the library; late return charges incurred; student’s liability if any

Easy Operation

Seamless UI/UX; can access anywhere anytime on mobile app; trained assistance available online/offline; easy navigation; upload/access of students’ data at the click of a button; easy to edit /remove erroneous entries; easy, fast and secure online fee payment module; instantaneous payment receipt generation; late fee reminders via SMS/WhatsApp, mobile app

Centralized Data

Latest version of data available from a centralized source at any time by feeding in student ID; all academic, non-academic and school registration data at the single click of a button; data securely stored with encryption in the database assuring complete privacy

Students’ Fees Details

All Fees paid for a period can be viewed with a single click; Fee receipts collection for checking; penalty collected records; Bus fees tracker; fee details available for any period on demand; On-demand extensive print facility for reports; fees-to-be-paid dates, last dates for payment

Increase Parent engagement

The school management app for busy parents gives them all relevant information at the click of a button; The system is designed to improve their engagement with school affairs at the flick of a button; It consumes minimum time. Quick reminders for upcoming exams, open house days and other events are provided helping them stay on top of these affairs. The school management app is designed to get their attention quickly.

Streamline Academic tasks

The school management app parents’ portal helps to set a direct, honest and transparent line of communication with parents thereby saving s lot of time and effort. This helps to instruct and inform parents of wards’ activities, performance and upcoming events. Parents are well-prepared to remind their children for such events leading to better performance.

Lowest possible cost of implementation and maintenance

The parents’ Portal module can be integrated to school management software system at a very low cost. The cost of implementation of this module is very low and is almost 100% maintenance free. This is a module that ups the parents’ engagement and helps them get a clear picture of their wards’ performances, attendance and fees payment details at the click of a few buttons anywhere, anytime.

Facilitate anytime, anywhere access

For those parents that are busy and are at different places at different times of the day, the school management app can be used on any device that has access to the Internet. This helps parents to stay on top of all the activities of their ward(s) at all times. It becomes easy to contact the parents in case of any emergency like holiday declarations and other challenges.

Let Faculty focus on research and instruction

With the school management enabling parents to get hold of their wards’ performance, attendance or fee details among others at the touch of a few buttons, this frees up the concerned teacher’s time from performing these repetitive unproductive tasks. The teachers’ times are freed up to concentrate more on the subjects they teach and conduct in-depth research on other topics.

Connect with school community

The parents’ module of the school management software is a straight line of communication for busy parents to connect with school authorities and know the progress of their wards in real time. Whether it is about payment of the next installment of fees or progress report of the ward in specific subjects, this module has it all.

Frequently asked questions

Once the school has purchased a suitable version of SkoolBeep, the school management software, out trained experts will help to install the relevant programs on the school computers. The program has to be run every time someone wishes to log into the software. The program has different access levels and authorized personnel can log in with a unique log-in ID and password.

A parent portal is a set of programs integrated with the school management software that are designed to provide some facilities for the parents of the schoolchildren. Typically, parents can have access to the portal and get to know the performances, attendance details, and fee payment details of their wards. They will be able to make safe and secure fee payments through online payment gateways. They will also have the permission to view dashboards that display the children’s academic performance details or their attendance details via dashboards or printed reports.

You can have access to the parent app if you have purchased the SkoolBeep software because you would have automatically paid for the add-ons as well. You can just select the parent portal and log on to your account with your unique login-ID and password. Once you log in to the portal all the facilities are displayed in the menu and you can choose the option according to whatever you want to know or do in this portal. You can alternately download the parent portal on to your mobile phone and access it anywhere, anytime.

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