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The best bus tracking app would be one that tracks the bus in real time enabling the users to see the live locations of the buses. The tracker app should be one that can be integrated with the fleet management system.It should be possible to access the app from desktop systems as well as hand-held devices.

This will allow all concerned to track the bus location from anywhere at any time. The tracking app should provide alerts to the management in cases when the bus deviates from its original route or over speeds. Fleet management becomes simple with an easy to use app.

The bus tracking system in school buses is highly beneficial to both the school authorities and the parents. The school bus operators can take corrective action instantly to avoid delays and untoward accidents. The tracking details enable the parents to see where their child is exactly and at what time they would arrive or depart.

Track School Bus, SkoolBeep and Buswhere are the best school bus tracking apps. These apps provide high level of security and are easy to use. The apps are cost effective, save time and reduce paper-work. The entire operations of the school bus fleet are streamlined by the app making the system efficient.


Bus tracking app

A bus tracking system tracks each bus in the fleet by GPS software installed in them. This system is integrated with the systems in the fleet managers’ office to provide them the real time location of the buses in the fleet.

Monitoring the movement of buses and implementing any changes to the routes can be done easily. Any deviations from the assigned routes are detected and alerted by the system. When buses cross the speed limits the system warns the drivers and alerts the managers.

Automatic routing by the system saves distance and time. Maintenance is scheduled and planned automatically reducing breakdown costs and downtime losses. Fuel efficiency is increased saving on fuel costs.

The drivers are warned of traffic hazards on the road well in advance by the system. They receive alerts for over-speeding, sudden braking and inconsistent acceleration. This helps in reducing accidents and hence insurance premiums are lowered.

A bus tracking system in a school bus gives the parents the added satisfaction of knowing where their child is. Safety of the child is of utmost concern to the parents. Tracking the real time location of the bus keeps the parents informed of the details of boarding, alighting, arriving and departure schedules.


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The SkoolBeep bus tracking app is driven by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. The GPS system is a receiver that picks up radio signals transmitted by satellites in orbits around the earth. These signals are used to calculate the receiver’s location on the globe by mathematical estimations. The signals received from four or more satellites determine the accurate location.

The GPS devices are installed in the school buses. The devices send their real time location on to a map. Expected time of arrival is calculated on the basis of this data. When the user enters his destination the trip planner shows him the routes and trip options. In addition to getting the time of arrival he sees the bus approaching in real time on the map on his screen.

In a school bus tracking apps, the users are mainly the school authorities and parents. The visuals of the bus give the users a better understanding of how far the bus is and when it will reach the stop. The system sends alerts to the parents and school authorities in case of deviations, traffic obstructions, and other delays along the assigned routes. The school bus tracking app is GPS based with real-time tracking. It is a safe and simple app providing a safe trip for the students and peace of mind for the parents.


flow of information and direct communication between the school and the parents. The app can be accessed from mobile phones both iOS and Android. SkoolBeep integrates the school activities, issues notifications, publishes reports and newsletters, tracks school buses, send alerts.

The school bus tracking platform of the app helps the school management and the parents to track bus location. Viewing the accurate location of the bus enables the school authorities to estimate the time of arrival at individual bus-stops and the final destination. The app provides the trip status of each bus.

Any obstructions on the route can be ascertained earlier and routes can be changed accordingly to save time. The system sends alerts when the driver over-speeds, sudden breaks and accelerates unnecessarily. This enables the management to take corrective actions immediately.

Viewing real-time location of the buses enable the parent to see where their child has reached and when he will arrive at the bus-stop or school. The live map provides the stops along the route and the timing required to get from point to point. Alerts are sent to parents in case of delays.

The instant notifications sent by the bus tracking system helps the school authorities to manage the school bus fleet efficiently and effectively. RFID scanners send instant notifications to the parents and the school when the child boards the bus while going to school and gets off the bus at the designated bus-stop while returning.

Students without identity tags will not be able to enter the bus making the system secure. An integrated system marks attendance of each child as he enters the bus. Parents are assured that the child is in class and reduces the teachers’ load of marking attendance.

SkoolBeep has easy to use features which reduce the time consumed in communication and reduces the school’s overload. It is very convenient to use as it is accessible on the mobile phones. Working parents find the app extremely helpful in knowing the exact time of arrival of the bus at the stop and in deciding when to pick-up the child on return.

Since the app is accessible to parents the school authorities are spared from answering queries from anxious parents. The bus tracking app quells the anxiety of parents. The app facilitates driver-parent communication.


A real time school bus tracking system provides live data on the locations of the school buses on the different routes at different times. This allows the school bus managers to monitor whether the buses are travelling on the routes assigned to them. In case of deviations and when the bus crosses the safe zone prescribed, the system sends an alert to both managers and parents.

The best bus tracking app enables the parents to know whether their child has boarded the bus and at what time. The live location enables them to see when the bus will arrive to pick and drop the child and when the bus reaches or leaves school.


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A school bus GPS tracking system is software installed in the buses which provides the exact real time location of the buses at any point in time. This software is integrated with the school bus managers’ computer network providing them real time access to the data generated.

This information can be simultaneously viewed by the parents on their desktop or mobile devices. The parent can know the times when their child boards and gets off the bus. They can locate the bus on the route to school and back, and during school trips and outings. The bus tracking system shows the time of arrival and departure from the various stops.


bus tracking system using gps
The bus tracking system needs to be installed in the desktop or mobile of the users. The users have to register to create an account. User profiles with the bus routes and numbers are set up.

Once the system is installed in the computers of both fleet managers and parents, they will receive notifications. The drivers are notified of the route and trips they should take through the app.

The drivers can mark attendance of each student in the system and schedule the routes. He can control the students to maintain discipline and ensure safety of the students in the bus.

The parents and school authorities receive notifications when the attendance is marked by the driver. This ensures the parent and school that the child has boarded the bus. The parent can track bus location on the app to see when the bus reaches school. Similarly the return journey can be tracked.

All this information is sent to the school bus managers to help them to streamline the process. The parents are updated on the correct time of arrival of buses to pick up and drop off their children. This gives them a sense of security and peace of mind regarding their children.


bus tracking system

School bus tracking apps provide real time location of buses on their routes. This live tracking feature enables the school authorities to see the live location of the bus. The bus tracking app provides a map view of the location of the bus. The bus can be tracked from stop to stop and the times of arrival and departure from each point is recorded and reported by the app.

The GPS software installed in the buses are integrated with the school management systems. They can be accessed on the mobile phones and tablets by the parents. This helps everyone to track the buses from anywhere and at any time. The parents can see the bus approaching on the map and the expected time of arrival.

The programmable alerts in the tracking app warn the school management if the bus deviates from the route, suddenly stops in undesignated spots, driver over-speeds and traffic hazards. Since the information is relayed instantaneously and the location of the vehicle can be seen in real time the response time can be cut down to a minimum.

The GPS tracker comes with digital communication systems which transmits data reliably. The communication between driver and school authorities are enhanced with this system. The drivers can communicate directly with the parents in case of delays and deviations. The parents can themselves see the causes of delay on the app.

The school bus tracking app plans the exact routes for each bus with the stops on the way. Automatic routing saves time spent on manual routing.Optimization of routes leads to lesser fuel consumption reducing operating costs.

The RFID tags used by the students while boarding and getting off the bus marks their attendance. This information is directly sent to the class teachers and the parents. The teachers save time in recording attendance and parents are assured of the child’s presence in class.



This bus tracking system provides live location updates of the school bus location at any point of time. RFID tags mark attendance of the child on entering the bus. The arrival and departure and students on board and off board the bus are recorded. This helps in better fleet management and ensures student safety.
The software automatically plans the routes and pick up points. This efficiently optimizes the routes and capacity in the bus eliminating the need for manual planning.

The digital communication system sends instant alerts and notifications to parents and management regarding delays and untoward incidents. Driver behavior can be tracked.


BusWhere GPS app tracks the school bus on the entire route enabling the parents and school authorities to track bus location and know when the bus will arrive at any stop. The school administrators can view the entire fleet of buses on their routes. They receive daily reports on the arrival and departure times from each stop.

The parents can see the bus move in real-time on their mobiles and know where their child is. The expected time of arrival at any stop can be viewed. The app sends messages to parents when the bus is approaching the stop. The app sends alerts to parents and administrators if the bus is not on schedule due to traffic hazards or untoward incidents.

School Bus Tracker 

This app is easy to use and parents can use their mobile phones to track bus location. The route of the bus, the stops on the route and traffic on the route can be viewed in advance. The parents and school are notified when the child boards and gets off the bus ensuring the safety of the children.

The administrators can track multiple buses from a single app. Bus movement can be monitored continuously. Any deviations from the assigned routes, over-speeding and errant driver behavior can be tracked. The alerts sent by the tracker enable the administrators to respond immediately to the situation.


The bus routing software provides excellent solutions for optimizing school bus routes and capacity. The administrators can monitor the operation from anywhere and at any time. The routing software is capable of making changes to the routes instantaneously when breakdowns and traffic deviations occur.

This all-in-one GPS tracker app can be used on hand-held devices and desktops. The app provides easy solutions to field trip management. The app permits parent engagement to locate the bus and view the expected time of arrival at any stop. 

The bus tracking system streamlines maintenance of the vehicles with minimal downtimes. Preventive and regular maintenance is automatically programmed by the app.


This software is a web based app with features to monitor the school buses in real-time from anywhere and at any time through the cellular network. The app can be integrated with the routing and video network of the administrator to maximize efficiency and to respond quickly to safety concerns. The school bus tracking app tracks student ridership details. 

Map based view of each bus in the fleet is provided. Live reports on the vehicle details of speed, route, and stops are generated. Reports on fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear enable the fleet management to effectively reduce operational expenses.

Bus Tracking System from Applane

This bus tracking system tracks school buses on real-time and can be used on mobile phones. The administrators can view the location of the entire fleet on a desktop screen or a mobile. RFID tagging and CCTV cameras integrated with the system helps to monitor students and driver on board.

The route optimization feature helps in reducing turnaround time, fuel consumption and expenses. Instant notifications on traffic violations, breakdowns and other emergencies prompt immediate action.

The parents can view the real-time location of the bus, drop and pick the child from the stop at the expected times shown by the app reducing the waiting time at the bus-stops.

Versatrans My Stop

The app can be accessed on Android or Apple mobile phones and desktop web browsers.  Real-time GPS tracking of bus location can be viewed on-screen by the administrators. Planning and routing feature provides the accurate route and the stops on the route.

The user can view the location of the school bus assigned and the expected time of arrival to their stop.  Students can plan their arrival at the stops to minimize waiting time or prevent missed pick-ups.

Push notifications are sent to users in cases of delay or re-routing of the school buses. The real-time updates sent to parents reduce support calls to the administrators.


This secure school bus tracking app requires the parent to register, create an account and log in before using. The app is accessible on mobiles and web browsers. The features of real-time tracking of the buses, expected time of arrival, notifications on change is schedules help both parent and school.

 RFID tags records the bus-stop and the exact time when the child boards and de-boards the bus. This is of importance to the school and parent as it ensures the safety of the child.

Driver management is made easy with attendance, daily time-sheets, leave, and payroll being generated by the system.  Driver negligence is alerted instantly so that corrective actions can be taken without delays.


This web portal permits administrators to track buses in real-time, ensures all students are accounted for, and enables communication between drivers, parents and school. The administrators can manage the entire bus fleet. Instant alerts help the transport department to respond without delays in critical situations.

The app provides the drivers the traffic details on their route. A digital rider manifest with the driver and face ID check-in ensures the safety of the students.

The parents use this school bus tracking system locate the bus to and fro from school, know when the bus will arrive, and know when the child has boarded and off boarded the bus.

Smart-School-Bus-Tracking from ADCC

This is a dedicated app for parents to monitor bus movements and the safety of the child. This web based app can be accessed on a mobile phone by the parent and driver and a desktop with internet by the school authorities. This school bus tracking app is available 24/7 to the administrator to monitor the fleet of buses.

The parent can track the bus location and the time of arrival. Parents and school administrators receive alerts when the driver over-speeds, routes are violated, unscheduled stops are made. This enables them to monitor errant driver behavior and take necessary action without delay.

Trace School Bus 

The web portal creates a platform for the school authority to monitor and control their fleet of school buses. The administrator can check on the driver behavior, changes in routes, unscheduled stops, over-speeding which compromise safety of the students. Necessary corrective action can be taken without delay.

The parents can track the bus location in real time on any mobile device. They can see where the child is on his route to and from school.  The app provides drivers with pre-set routes and student pick-up and drop off stops in advance.

Here Comes The Bus 

This app enables parents to locate the child’s school bus in real-time on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. The live location of the bus on the app and the expected time of arrival help the parent to ensure that the children arrive at the bus-stop on time. The app sends notifications in case of delays or changes in routes and allows the driver to communicate with the parent. 

The RFID tags update student ridership data which gives the parent and school the comfort of knowing that the child is on or off the right bus, at the right stop, at the right time. The bus tracking system provides reports on the duration of the routes, the number of stops, driver time and attendance helping management to streamline the operations.


This school bus tracking app includes GPS tracking, bus routing, scheduling, and student tracking. Optimal routes are created, planned and edited by the calendar-based schedule. The GPS tracker monitors the movements of each bus on routes. 

RFID tracking cards inform parents and the school when students boards and de-boards the bus. The parents can track the buses on their routes, view the estimated time of arrival and plan their schedules accordingly.

The bus tracking system provides the driver with maps of the pre-set routes and stops. The system sends alerts when deviations and traffic violations occur. Monitoring driver behavior leads to better driver and fleet management.


SafeStop is a leading school bus tracking app designed for parents to feel secure about the safety of their child. The parent gets to know when the bus is approaching the stop and when the child arrives at school every day.

The app provides a map-base real-time locator of the bus. The expected time of arrival is shown on the map. The app allows school districts to send messages to parents. The app notifies the parent when buses are substituted. Delays in schedules are messaged to parents.

Alerts can be set up for route deviations, traffic violations and errant driver behavior. This helps to monitor the drivers and ensure safety of the bus operations.

Ubica Bus

This school bus tracking app helps the parent track the school bus in real-time. They receive alerts when the child is picked up and dropped off at the school and bus-stops. The tracker app plans optimal routes saving on distance and time.

RFID tags mark attendance of the child when he boards and gets off the bus. The daily driver log in reports and time sheets are generated automatically. The app allows video surveillance inside the buses. These features enable the school management to efficiently manage the bus fleet.

The app permits connection of a Wi-Fi router to each bus allowing internet connectivity in the bus. This proves an incentive for students to use the school bus.

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