School Administration Using Mobile Applications

Complete Administration of School Data using Mobile App

The major daily activities of a school include administrative activities, curricular activities and extracurricular activities such as athletics, attendance, library management system, transportation details, accounts, lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts etc. Portals designed for administrators, educators and staff comes with easy-to-update, share and publish information regarding such tasks and events on daily basis. The ability to simply click, record, edit and update are what you get with this feature. This system helps in populating a page with news, blogs, images, notifications, case studies, online forms, a list of documents and other resource feeds that defines the major activities of the institute. 

Tracking and measuring the performance of an institution and its students is a crucial task for every educational institution. The institution’s performance can be evaluated by analyzing real-time data of every aspect of management such as employee evaluation, accounts management, feedback from students, teachers & parents, the school’s annual implementation plans etc. and identifying all potential issues. The performance reports generated by school portals serve as a great tool for identifying and making improvements in the institution’s administration process.

School  ERP offers an easy to use and reliable solution for automating various tasks of a school. The ERP solution is designed to support various operations such as administration, accounts and academics. It aims at offering the best possible ways to automate and optimize such activities and providing valuable insights.

Interaction with School management Mobile Applications

With the help of school management mobile applications, teachers can easily go digital in planning and managing their lessons. Teachers usually prepare lesson plans for each period of their class in order to ensure constructive learning. Such a plan can include the lesson objectives, portions, planned questions and answers, various other curricular activities and time allocated for each task.

Education management app charges

Education management apps are available in different versions such as free, freemium (applications with a free trial) premium and sponsored. The freemium version restricts the user to the number of features or supports only for a limited number of days while the paid version is more robust and comes with additional options.

Administration of different Levels of School Education.

For the K12 sections, which include the lower primary, upper primary, high school and higher secondary sections, school portals are added with various additional benefits. Such software helps in easy administration and offers better education with its exceptional features. The common features and benefits available in school portals for these grades are curriculum information, teacher information, parent access & communication, transport management, fee payment, library management, attendance management, online assessment & evaluation, homework & assignments, admission management, student profiles, calendar and instant notifications. 

The package can be used specifically for the administration of all the levels of school education: nursery and primary, middle school, secondary level and senior secondary levels. You can code the subjects, teachers, fee amounts, and activities pertaining to these levels during the time of setting up the package.

Extra Benefits of Using Mobile Applications

Apart from attendance tracking, the system enables more capabilities such as automatic reporting, seating charts, lunch tracking, parent portal for accessing student attendance, class schedules etc. Students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff will have visibility into the attendance data. The software also helps in the time tracking of employees and keeping their attendance records. 


The major features of an attendance tracking system are absence notifications, leave applications, leave management, day-to-day attendance history, attendance report of a student including short absence and staff attendance management.


Organization tools such as calendar and reminders improve student outcome by assisting them in homework completion, project submission and class preparation. Students can make use of this application that helps in easy scheduling and reminding of each and every event regarding their curricular as well as extracurricular activities. Calendars also provide options for making notes, marking important dates and setting reminders.  School faculties can easily inform the students about upcoming events, class syllabus and examination schedules by utilizing calenders. 

School Administration App Messaging System

The messaging system supports sending messages mostly in the form of push notifications, live chats and text messages. Messages can be sent individually, in group and as bulk messages. Such a messaging feature helps in reducing the effort taken in distributing a hard copy of notices and circulars to each and every student of an institute. With a single click, the system provides notifications to a single user or a group of users. Parents can be notified about important messages on a daily basis. 


This service also provides additional options such as managing the contact lists, searching for older messages, push notification & reminders for both online and offline users, live notifications, message scheduling, custom messages and built-in message templates.

School administration for Guardians

Under this section, parents are able to view the pending payment details as well as the complete history of their payments including the invoices of the fee paid. For making a new payment, the user will be able to click through to the payment gateway provider’s site and pay that invoice directly online. After making the payment, the system generates an invoice that shows the payment details. The user can view and download these invoices whenever they want, from anywhere.

Administration of which the schools affiliated with CBSE, ICSE etc.

The school administration package is designed to function for different boards of education that are common in India. The package can be adapted for use in schools that follow CBSE,ICSE, and other such common education boards. The package is inbuilt with specifications that suit each of these boards and will automatically adapt to the specific board when the information is provided during the installation of the package.

Administration of Reservation Category

In case the school accommodates teachers/students belonging to various reservation categories, you can specify the category according to the religion or class during the installation of the school administration package. These conditions will then be applied in all the processes in which such designated students/faculty make an appearance.

Administration of student scholarships

The facilities for applying other privileges such as scholarships, reduction in fees, last dates for the payment of fees, among others, for students and faculty designated to belong to specific categories are available in the school administration package. These privileges can be set when the package is being installed for a specific school. 

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