100+ Best School Management Software & Apps In India 2021

What is School Management Software?

A school management software is an integrated tool, specially designed and developed to manage all the administrative activities of a school. School authorities involve themselves in a lot of academic and administrative activities on a daily basis. The automated system aims at providing assistance in monitoring all such day-to-day tasks like managing grades, exams and results, fee collection, admission and more. Keeping a manual track or record of school activities is a difficult and tedious task. So, to increase the performance and efficiency of administrative tasks, most of the schools around the globe nowadays started opting for management software. Such a tool not only saves time and enables the smooth functioning of the academic process, but also increases productivity and the ease of managing a huge amount of data. In today’s world, there are various curriculum tasks which the authorities have to carry out with great care. So, opting for a systemic approach like a management software can assist the students, teachers and other faculties of an educational institution in performing their curriculum activities. Management software offers various features that help to reduce manual paperwork that we carry out using pen and register, thus avoiding errors and increasing efficiency.
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Why Skoolbeep School Management
System Software ?

We provide simple, effective and affordable solutions for school activities, catering to school-parent communications. Our single app can assist you with exceptional tools to digitize all of the tedious academic operations.

Schoolbeep is an automated school management system that enables effective parent-school interactions. We provide regular updates to the parents on various school activities through our software.

Our user-friendly app comes with unique features like e-classroom to attend classes from your home, online fee collection & payment tracking, different modes of effortless communication with the parents, transportation alerts, digital attendance, student performance management and a lot of exciting features. We also provide SMS bridging and voice calls to ensure communication with those parents who do not have a smartphone.

What are the School Management
Software modules?

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A school management software module helps to manage all the student data or staff data related to a particular academic activity at one place. It helps in categorizing the data in such a way that we can assess them through different sections. Most of the applications available today provide modules that are customizable and interlinkable.


Each module involves a particular type of integration; for example, school fee management module deals with collecting fees and maintaining a database for the transactions. Various modules will be present on a single app or software, that can assist you with a one-stop solution for all problems. Incorporating different modules on a single software streamlines easy administration through automation.

A list of various modules that the majority of school management system software offers is given below. The features of each module can vary according to the system we use, i.e with respect to the benefits provided by particular software. The software which you opt might not offer all the modules or services mentioned here. These anytime, anywhere access modules can make your institution automated and paperless.

Fee collection:

Collecting fees is definitely a hectic process. Digital fee management makes it an easy task for the parents to pay the fees online and then collect the receipt. Fee collection modules usually involve records of all activities regarding online fee-payment like payment tracking, receipts, multiple fee category, deposits and student loans, customized fee structure, scholarships & student wise concessions, pending balances, SMS alert on payment etc.

Admission and Online Registration:

Online registration section enables the students to register themselves to a school. A student from any corner of the world can join the school online, without even physically visiting the school. This module showcases all the basic details of the student like his name and personal data. The admission module in total includes other features like admission form, admission inquiry, confirmed admissions, online admissions and follow-ups, merit list, fee type, cash book and more.

Attendance Management:

We can digitally take and store attendance using this module. Here is a list of most significant tasks associated with the attendance process of a school software: day-wise attendance, subject wise attendance, quick attendance check, monthly and yearly attendance reports, cumulative attendance, SMS alerts to absentees’ parents, a monthly summary of attendance to the parents etc.

Student Management:

Student management section involves a complete profile of students including their photograph and family details. Here, we can find all the important information related to a student, like grades, achieved, discipline, id card details, fee discount at the time of admission, auto-generated roll numbers, well-designed reports, class-wise and location wise student listings, SMS alerts, details of certificates collected and other.

Exam & Results (Student Evaluation):

As the name suggests, this module deals with the examination and the results. Activities related to student assessment and evaluation are the main topics of this module. Such activities usually include class wise exam scheme, the format of exam like practical or theory, marks entry, mark sheet, analysis of class topper, class-wise results, project works and assignment works, report cards, statistical and graphical representation of data and other similar features.

Transportation Management:

Digital transportation management helps a school to keep a track of the movement of students and staff. It also offers services like sending live location updates to parents, real-time bus tracking, data insights for transport coordinator, pick up point and drop point, managing one-way transportation and route wise student report.

Communication Management:

This module aims to establish effective communication with the parents. It enables different modes of communication through messages, SMS, voice calls, images and videos, discussions, voice chats, email, live notifications and more.

Financial Accounting:

All the financial operations related to the school accounts are present in this section. It provides features like profit & loss, balance sheet, ledger book, cash and bank book, outstanding report, trial balance and daily, monthly or yearly transaction summary. Some apps offer fee management and accounting as a single module.

Library Management:

This section of the system comes with the advantage of managing multiple libraries. Barcode integration, rules for book issue, class-wise book allocation, book reservation, managing dues, library reports, automated management of books-videos-ebooks-school albums-magazines etc. are its additional features.

Staff Payroll:

This module deals with the salary details of all teaching and non-teaching staff. It includes payslips, PF and ESI, tax deductions, yearly and monthly payroll reports, auto calculation of wages, income tax report, configurable fee heads etc.

Apart from these modules, some school management apps also offer similar modules for managing certificates, scholarship, reception or front office tasks, health and medical track records, class capacity and student strength, canteen and accommodation facilities, upcoming events & extracurricular activities, data analysis, class-wise reports, alumni management and so on. So, you can carry out all of your administrative tasks through a single line system.

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What are the key benefits of implementing school management software?

Today, in this technological world, everything has changed, everything has become digitized. Breakthrough in administration and management arises when those activities are up and running in an automated way. Digitalization helps in the smooth running of an organization.

School management system plays a vital role in managing the current educational system. As schools have comprehensive tasks and complex exam patterns, it is vital to go digitized. Such a system is the best ERP solution that can fulfil the students’ needs as well as the institutions. So, in order to better the performance of school activities, provide updates to the parents and manage all other administrative tasks, the educational institutions started using school management systems.

The major benefits of implementing school management software or application are:

Reduces Workload

The workload on teaching and non-teaching are less when they use this software. It saves time and provides them with extra time to send updates to the parents. Right from the administrative section to teaching, it helps to maintain a digital ecosystem.

Minimize the cost of communication:

Since the essential data is made available on the software, there is only less need to make any other mode of communication. The app offers SMS services, voice calls and notifications to the parents and students. Thus we can reduce the cost of communication.

Improves performance:

School apps can boost productivity. Decreased time in maintaining records and improved accuracy is the major reason for the increase in productivity. Less time in management leads to keeping the focus on the productivity of the institution.

Teacher-Student interaction:

The program increases the interaction between students and teachers beyond their classrooms. Interactions can happen online, whenever the teachers are available to respond to the students’ questions through the app. So, we’ll receive a friendly atmosphere in the education system.

Saves resources:

Other than saving paper, the system also saves resources like time and money. It also helps to keep a digital record of data so that we can avoid the mess of maintaining the paper records.

Access anytime, anywhere:

We can access this software from anywhere at a convenient time. We can also keep a record of everything, anytime. So, the management members will get immediate updates of their institution.

Analytics and reports:

The app facilitates keeping a record of data and analysing them. Such a feature assists the organization to keep the focus on student enrollment ratio. It reduces the burden of manually carrying out various administrative tasks.


The automated software also provides us with benefits like examination management and grade book generation, decision making with the help of reports, biometric and RFID systems, financial planning & maintaining a budget etc.

A group of institutions with multiple schools, particularly located at different locations can easily benefit through an integrated app. The ability to combine different operations results in a multischool admin layer.

School ERP software features

User-friendly interface:

The user interfaces of these apps are interactive and easy to use. Each user can manage operations without any technical assistance.

Multi-user login:

The cloud-based ERP solution provides options for multiple user logins. The entire staff can manage activities individually or together through their logins.

Personalised access:

The software comprises different modules. Each user gets a personalised experience on using the software.

Customizable modules:

Most of the modules in the app are interlinkable and customizable. The management can have access to these modules and the functions that are present in the app.

Data storage and backup:

We can easily store and retrieve data. Cloud-based applications store data on a cloud, so we’ll have a backup of the data. There will be an option to enable automatic backup of data.

Works on different Platforms:

Majority of the software development companies provide school applications for all platforms like windows, android and iOS.

SMS and Email Services:

The app comes with a plugin that facilitates SMS and email notifications to guardians, students and staff. The parents can find information about their ward’s performance, attendance, homework etc. through this service.

Report Generation:

Using this software, we can generate reports, challans, receipts etc. It also offers facilities to export those reports into different formats.

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The college management software designed for universities and colleges also provides us with such similar benefits and features. The college management system can facilitate student attendance, fees, exam-results, library records and more. It is similar software which is easy to install and ready to use.

Student portal, Teachers portal

Today, in this technological world, everything has changed, everything has become digitized. Breakthrough in administration and management arises when those activities are up and running in an automated way. Digitalization helps in the smooth running of an organization.

School management system plays a vital role in managing the current educational system. As schools have comprehensive tasks and complex exam patterns, it is vital to go digitized. Such a system is the best ERP solution that can fulfil the students’ needs as well as the institutions. So, in order to better the performance of school activities, provide updates to the parents and manage all other administrative tasks, the educational institutions started using school management systems.

The major benefits of implementing school management software or application are:

Reduces Workload

The workload on teaching and non-teaching are less when they use this software. It saves time and provides them with extra time to send updates to the parents. Right from the administrative section to teaching, it helps to maintain a digital ecosystem.

The software offers different portals for various users. The portal made for teachers would be different from that designated for students. Generally, we can find portals like student portal, teachers portal, principle portal, management portal and parent portal.

Student Portal :

The student portal is the best tool to provide the students with information and activities regarding their curriculum like timetable, homework, projects etc. This portal is designed entirely for the students. Integrating student portals can easily connect the students to the various staff in the educational ecosystem and help them associate more easily with student life on campus. It is the fastest way to make students familiar with technology, regarding their education. It also eliminates difficulties related to fee payment, student enrollment, assignment submission and other similar tasks.

Teachers Portal :

It is a portal designed to cater to the needs and activities of a teacher. The portal helps teachers to check the time tables, marks, attendance, send remarks, enter test scores, maintain mark sheets and do many other activities. Teachers can also communicate with other staff, students and parents using this portal. They can easily access student information and staff directory. Teachers can also view lesson plans, portions, schedules and upcoming events.


Majority of the software offers demo versions so that you can check all the features before making a purchase.

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School management software for
different boards in India

Finding the best school management app is now easier. Most of the school apps for India understands the needs of your board and comes with customizable solutions suited for all educational boards in India. However, before choosing a software, the school authorities should make sure that the system is suitable for their exam board.

Every school has its own board that conducts examinations. The curricular and extracurricular activities of a school may be different for schools depending on that board.

The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE):

The private and public CBSE schools fall under union government and follow syllabus prepared by the NCERT. So it is best to opt for software catering to CBSE norms and requirements.

Regional State Boards :

Each state has its own regional board that conducts examinations. The management application for such boards comes with customizable options like multilingual fonts, regional languages, mid-day meal management etc.

Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE):

ICSE is a non-government board and has a different set of rules. The customizable school apps offer solutions for a comprehensive range of subjects of this syllabus and follow a different examination and assessment pattern. ERP software can provide personalized solutions. The system also targets the learning aspects of other boards such as the International Baccalaureate (IB).

School management software for
different boards in India

Financial management is an important task in any enterprise including schools and other educational institutions. Making financial reports and managing all financial activities is now much easier through the school management system.

Managing finance includes activities like planning, organizing, calculating, making reports and controlling all financial tasks. The financial reports show the financial status and payment status of students as well as the financial behaviour of the stakeholders.

Here are some possible ways through which a school app can assist in managing the financial operations of a school.

Easy Fee Report and Fee Management:

The automated ERP system assists us in creating fees, scheduling fees, checking pending fees, defining fee structure and more. It also enables anytime and anywhere fee collection along with easy receipt generation.

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Comprehensive Financial Report Generation:

The software makes it easy to keep the records of the financial activities of a school. It facilitates creating all sorts of financial reports.

Easy Fee Report and Fee Management:

The automated payroll system helps to deal with the financial aspect of salary, tax, deductions, PF, etc of all teaching and non-teaching staff. It also offers attendance management for easy computation of salary and deductions.

Accounts Management :

You can manage and control the school account activities like financial reports, transactions, balance sheet etc. using integrated management software. If you wish to search for the best ‘school management software India’ or ‘school management system India’, on the internet, then your search ends here. Here is a list of 100+ Best School Management Software & Apps with the latest features:


Milgrasp uses simplified technology to fulfil all the activities of a school. This extraordinary ERP software is an effective solution for your difficulties, particularly for problems like a hectic work schedule and underutilized manpower. Online classrooms and fee collection are notable features of this software. The application works on all three platforms; ios, android and windows. In the case of windows, the application is compatible with various browsers like chrome, firefox, internet explorer etc. The software is customizable as per the requirement.
Key Features/Modules: admission enquiry, student management, payment gateway, website integration, push notifications, online classes.


2.PowerVista RollCall:

The software comes with a design suitable for vocational, professional, trade, apprenticeship and adult-focused education organizations. It is easy to install software which you can access anywhere at any time. The application mixes and matches distance and traditional classroom learning and offers student progress alerts, invoicing, certificate/ degree program tracking, customizable data elements etc.
Key Features/Modules: customized windows, easy to learn, personalization, send e-mail messages individually or simultaneously, built-in report/forms writers, calendars, invoicing for purchases, user-defined status, student performance, CRM alerts.


3.SONISWEB for Higher Institutions

Sonisweb is a web-based system developed for higher education. It allows access for various users such as students, administrative department, teachers, employers etc. The application provides 24/7 (Live Rep) support. The software currently does not offer a free trial. The web-based application allows the users to develop the reports they need and access the app from any location.
Key Features/Modules: finance management, accounts management, student records, curriculum management, alumni and record management.


4.Student Manager:

Aceware provides exceptional and affordable course management solutions. They offer a package with option module upgrades. It is a comprehensive, easy to implement software. The application also provides optional modules like student tracking, attendance tracking etc.
Key Features/Modules: manage courses, registrations, and payments, customizable, CRM, analysis and reporting tools, easy to use, integrated email support, 24/7 technical assistance, payment service interface, ready-to-run reports, class schedules, unlimited users, emergency notifications, online registration.



Qmanager is an affordable dismissal software. They focus on assisting administrators, teachers and parents. The application assists in speeding up arrival and dismissal process. Teachers can check that a student is joining a validated adult with a quick glance at their screen. Qmanager is a U.S based software.
Key Features/Modules: car line management, attendance and billing reports, dismissal automation, covid-19 health screening, capture sign in/sign out information on devices, authorized pick-ups, online support.

website: https://dismissalsoftware.com/

6.Class Registrard:

AClass Registrad is an employee training and tracking application which deals with student training. It is an effective classroom management system. The software includes comprehensive course management features down to the class level. They offer a demo version of the software as a try-out. Key Features/Modules: online registration, schedule classes, billing management, track student progress, attendance tracking, print certificates, enrol students, parent-student portal, online calendar, management reporting, email broadcasting, document storage.

website: http://www.classregistrar.com/#gpm1_1


Classlink is a cloud-based software. You can access your files or app from any device through a web browser. The application aims to simplify rostering and account provisioning. Students, administrators, educators, staff and parents can utilize classlink to ensure learning opportunities. The single sign-on feature helps the students with instant access to all their resources from any device. Key Features/Modules: class rostering, automate account provisioning, analytics, and identity management, low cost, single sign-on, automated reporting, documentation, Edit files without having to download them, easy access.

website: https://www.classlink.com/

8.School Management Programs:

They offer a completely web-based solution. There are separate portals for management, teachers and parents. Besides the basic features, a user can purchase additional components like lesson planner, Nurse Aide and school development program. You may request a demo version and view pricing status on their website.
Key Features/Modules: attendance, grading, tuition and fees, calendar and announcement, disciplinary actions, class grading options, report generation & class assignment summaries, student progress reports, attendance and homework, class information, fee payment.


9.College Office:

College Office is a modern cloud-based school management system. It is most suitable for small educational institutes with fewer students. Dedicated portals are there for students, teachers and administrators. You can customize the services according to your needs and choices. Key Features/Modules: maintain a centralized repository of all individuals, financial management, post-class assignments, record grades, take attendance, broadcast email messages to targeted groups, generate reports, view schedule, classes, manage documents, grading, broadcast email messages, view financial records and pay online.

website: http://www.collegeoffice.com/


Pappaya offers an end to end solution for your institution. They offer different packages from which you can choose the required one. The basic plan includes only the modules while other plans offer services like video conference, email support, consultant support, SMS etc. One license per school provides an institution with unlimited usage and storage.
Key Features/Modules: timesheet management, recruitment management, expenses management, employee management, finance management, cloud-based data storage, no charge for the number of people using the app.


11.Fit School:

Fit school is a fully-featured school management system. This Indian application, developed by TBS technologies, focuses on serving schools and educational startups and is also suitable for agencies and SMEs. It is a multi-modular enterprise-wide management system. Fit school do not offer a demo version. You can pay monthly or yearly if you opt for this system.
Key Features/Modules: online support, multi-platform support, email support, Customization, book store management, library management.

website: http://www.tbsindia.com

12.ProgressBook Suite:

ProgressBook suite supports the academic activities of k12 schools. They offer assistance for parents, teachers, students, principal, support staff etc. You can request a demo by visiting their website. Parents and students get 24/7 access to online instruction, electronic report cards and more. The authorities can locate a student through a single click.
Key Features/Modules: single sign-on, link multiple student accounts, online assignments, checking your grades, data analytics tool, flexible and scalable, student information, grade book, parent access, special services, data map, virtual classroom.


13.CashNet ePayment:

CashNet ePayment provides payment solutions for higher education and universities. The app supports installation on multiple platforms. Higher One is a leading company that created this application. Higher One focuses on providing cost-saving efficiencies for higher education institutions and high-value services to the students. The mobile application supports and wor on both android and IOS. Cashnet is best suited for Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises. Key Features/Modules: financial management,parent/student portal, k12, easy payment, independent/private, customization.

website: https://www.higherone.com/


e-school is an application that provides administration and teaching assistance. It is an ISO certified cloud-based solution. E-school offers a free trial. Teachers, students and parents can use e-school to carry out their tasks. The application offers SaaS tools for enterprises, educational institutions, government organizations etc. Key Features/Modules: billing, accounting, payroll, examination, administration, attendance, library, learning management system, SMS modules, online admission, calendar, reports, financial management, course plan, emergency communication, examination management, security, student information, enterprise information.

website: https://eschool.ezone.com.np/


This customizable school management software is easy to use and affordable. It is a comprehensive management system that any person can use easily. You can generate school schedules and manage enquiries to your school in one place. The system offers a 30-day free trial.
Key Features/Modules: customizable grade book, admission management, classroom management, attendance management, parents portal, homework and assignment management, a powerful student information system that includes billing, accounts, and medical history, teacher information.

website: https://www.quickschools.com/

16.Academia SMS:

Academia SMS is a product of Serosoft which streamlines the administration of schools and academies. It simplifies the tasks of teachers, students, staff and principle. They offer on-cloud or on-premise hosting. The software assists in keeping a record of students. It is a highly efficient system that can manage the complex academic process. Key Features/Modules: admission, timetable, attendance, exam, managing campaigns, inquiries, fees, transportation, attendance and libraries, reporting, analytics, integrations with 3rd party solutions such as biometrics, tally, online payment gateway, employee records, accounts, transportation details, hostel details.

website: http://www.serosoft.in


Qualcampus is integrated software that helps to manage various tasks. They offer educational management software for universities, colleges and schools. The application is web-based and works on windows platform. Key Features/Modules: student enquiry management, online admission, student information, class information, time table, attendance, homework, lesson planning, a question bank, examination and result, digital repository, quiz, schedule meeting, employee welfare, student feedback, payroll, fees, employee leave, recruitment, financial accounting, scholarship, SMS, visitors management, event management, front office management, alumni, sports, parents portal, library management, transportation etc.

website: https://www.qualsofttech.com/


Veracross is a web-based school information system. They offer many tools and professional services. You can select the functionality that your school requires. A CRM allows each office access to use the same data, not different versions of it. Veracross offers tools that are unique to your faculty, parents, students, alumni, and others. Key Features/Modules: communication, enrollment, reporting, analytics, security, back-office (admissions, development, business office), reducing training time, boarding, athletics, other programs, extended care, financial aid, employment, resource scheduling, health, transportation, guidance, data-integrity, dedicated service.

website: https://www.veracross.com/

19.AEC Academia:

AEC academia is a cloud-based management system. They assist in school management by administering staff, teachers, students etc. Using AEC Academia, the institutions can plan various types of courses such as group, private, laboratory, corporate, or online courses. Key Features/Modules: class schedule, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, financial reporting, account management, candidate enrollment, manage multiple student groups, create follow-up schedules, organize learning sessions, generate activity reports, track attendance, monitor late entries, conduct exams, and evaluate students.

website: http://atl-software.net/en/atl-software/

20.Jenzabar SONIS:

Jenzabar SONIS is a cost-effective management solution. It is best suited for smaller institutes. They provide a user-friendly platform for all devices. Students, faculty and administrators can connect each other through their cloud-based platform. The application assists in admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management etc. Key Features/Modules: apply online, register for courses, pay bills, conduct degree audits, anytime connection, personalized communication, pre-configured reports, manage student data, share academic reports, automate financial processes and streamline billing operations, learning management resources.

website: https://jenzabar.com/


Disaster Incident Report and Security (DIR-S) System is a communication system developed for managing emergencies. It is a cloud-based solution, best suitable for not only schools but also for public and private enterprises, event companies, government organizations etc. The software is simple, efficient and really helpful in the case of emergencies. In the event of an emergency, you can select the alert, send your location and notify others through this system.
Key Features/Modules: monitor multiple locations, with multiple emergencies from your device, view the safety status of each room, one-to-one and multiple communication, send emergency alerts, interactive floor plans.

website: https://www.tresitgroup.com/dirs.html


Eleyo focuses on child care, enrichment facilities and pre-school. It is easy to use and robust software that empowers you to elevate community engagement and program participation. You can eliminate paperwork and simplify administrative tasks through Eleyo. You can build and manage enrichment programs through this software. Key Features/Modules: sustainability, integrated platform, time saver, flexible, in-house & on-shore support team, payment integration, invoice on your schedule: daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly, comprehensive schedules, customized registration forms, online registration, family portal, reporting, registration management.

website: https://www.eleyo.com/


Orbund is a cloud-based educational management tool for k12, higher education, small schools and training institutes. There are separate portals for teachers, administrators and students. You can run your institution on the cloud and achieve automated reports and alerts. The products are SaaS solutions.
Key Features/Modules: student enrollment processes, manage classroom activities, online course materials, prepare and distribute assignments and broadcast messages to groups of students, track attendance records, academic progress of students, discount coupons and bundled pricing, generate assessment reports.

website: http://www.orbund.com


It is a cloud-based all in one campus management system. My campus assists students, parents, teachers and management with all the important updates on the go. An institution can track employee attendance, manage payrolls and administer the workforce with the help of this software.
Key Features/Modules: wireless biometric, GPS tracking and smart card to power your operational efficiency, lesson planning, exam scheduler, a user directory, fee & finance management, online admission with inquiry CRM, QR attendance, leave management, user remarks, time table management, shared calendar, digital library etc.


25.Applane For Education:

Applane is an ERP system that takes care of administrative tasks. This cloud-based solution helps to increase efficiency and performance through automation. They provide end-to-end management solutions for k12 schools. The application suite for organizations of all sizes. The supported platforms are windows and android.
Key Features/Modules: fee management, accounting, student management, inventory management, library management, student portal, admission, student information, attendance, staff management, enrollment, SaaS, parent-student portal, time table management, hostel management, event management.

website: http://www.applane.com/


It is a management system best suited for arts, music and drama schools. The software supports small specialized schools to multi-art institutions. Timetabling, scheduling, event management, and room booking are the solutions they offer. Both students and teachers can gain access to their system.
Key Features/Modules: for complex and individual schedules, comprehensive clash checking, unlimited exceptions, online self-service room booking, custom rules and regulations, effective space management, step by step planning, task management, team communication, customizable rules, flexible planning tools and effective space management.


27.PCR Educator School Administration Software:

PCR helps parents, teachers, alumni, administrators and students to manage their school-related activities. It is a client-based customized web software. The users can assess and maintain school, classroom and student information easily through this software. Their wide range of products and consultative services makes school internal processes more efficient.
Key Features/Modules: enrollment forms, report cards, a web-based system, personalized and targeted online donation forms, online school stores, unlimited support, unlimited number of users and administrators, project management assistance, training, hosting, dedicated account manager, import tools.

website: https://www.pcreducator.com


Parentlocker is a management solution with integrated modules. It is a k12 administration software that manages admission, student data, scheduling and more tasks. The system offers portals for administrators, teachers, students and parents. ParentLocker’s health screening app assists schools to operate safely in-person.
Key Features/Modules: school information system (sis), report cards & progress reports, admissions & registration, discipline notes, online forms & applications, email blasts, attendance, schedules, parent-teacher conference scheduling, custom data reports, hot-lunch module, grade book, class pages, lesson plans, photo albums, discipline notes, student organizer: news, homework and grades, registration & enrollment forms, daily homework email.



Snappii is a mobile forms and mobile application development company that offers an automated solution for different types of businesses, especially for small and mid-sized companies and enterprises. They offer custom app development service through which we can opt for a custom app according to our need. Live chat support is made available to help users. The optical field recognition system in the software will automatically convert your paper forms to mobile apps in seconds.
Key Features/Modules: documentation, reporting, in person, live online, webinars, cloud-based, custom app, mobile forms, easy to use.

website: https://www.snappii.com/

30.SAF School Management Software:

SAF aims to support students, teachers, administrators and parents through their automated system. They are about bringing the best teaching experience to teachers, parents and students. They have more than 10 years of experience in providing service to the educational sector. SAF aims to transform education through technology.
Key Features/Modules: error-free results, student information, record keeping, comprehensive reports and analysis, privacy maintenance, flexible and easy, customizable, admission management, easy communication, SMS services, online applications, financial management, curriculum management.


31.School Diary:

School diary is an easy to use school management application that focuses on serving various types of educational institutions. They serve more than 10 countries and have assisted parents, teachers and administrators of various schools to manage their activities. School diary offers a one-way system to manage student, parent, staff, and fee data in one place.
Key Features/Modules: one-to-one messaging, auto-scheduling, messaging through pics and videos, events and auto-reminders, attendance, fee management, admission, payroll, enquiry management, student management, subject management, performance management, bus tracking, route analysis, virtual classrooms.

website: http://schooldiary.me


This communication system developed in 2003, helps to save time through event management, volunteering, easy communication and fundraising. School volunteers can increase engagement in their community through FreshSchools. Parents can focus on their children’s academics through an engaging environment. The fully-featured modules can assist you in carrying out enrichment programs.
Key Features/Modules: schedule messages or alerts, send instant updates, one-way announcements, discussions, calendars, create volunteer requests, financial management, parent-student portal, enrichment program, enrolment, class management, online sale, registrations, rosters.



SchoolCues is a low-cost school management system. They partner with administrators, teachers, students and parents, and help small schools to make a huge difference in their administration process. Their affordable package includes communication, student records, payment etc. They support unlimited support, unlimited training and free upgrades.
Key Features/Modules: calendar, class updates, online admission, homework, newsletters, school directory, communication, easy setup, no support fee, payments, enrollment, text alerts, report cards, announcements, conferences, contact lists, incidence reports, auto reminders, notifications, alumni management.

website: https://www.schoolcues.com


OptionC provides you with online report cards, assignments and more. It is a catholic focused management system that serves schools and diocesan offices. You can easily manage your institute with just one login. OptionC offers special programs to assist schools with the cost of its system. Principle, administrators, teachers and parents can get benefits through this software.
Key Features/Modules: online calendar, reporting & analytics, diocesan management, banner ads, referral offers, student magazine drives, secure logins, specific to Catholics only, staff prayer and intention discussion boards, links to the Vatican and Catholic news services, catholic content, parent alert system etc.



AdminOnline assists small coaching institutions to streamline administration related tasks. It is designed for small firms that provide teaching and coaching services. AdminOnline is a web-based platform that can assist you with tasks like communication, customer/student management, financial management etc. This application is best suited for institutions that conduct karate lessons, rugby lessons, dance lessons, swimming lessons etc. You can get access to a 30 day free trial from their website.
Key Features/Modules: documentation, coaching assistance, communication, invoices to customers, financial management etc.

website: http://www.adminonline.co.za


eCampus is an integrated SaaS that supports all the departments of student management. It is a customizable software, best suited for schools and higher educational institutes. They can assist you in managing lead generation, admission, finance, graduation and placement. Their extensive web-enabled database development experience enables them to customize and implement a state of the art system to capture data and provide on-time/on-demand reports.
Key Features/Modules: reporting, analytics, lead generations, admissions, update coursework, creating a schedule, attendance records, course grades, attendance, student profile, teacher’s profile, accounting etc.



GradeMaster is an application that focuses on increasing student learning. It is designed for k12 schools. This application with its hybrid functionality is easy to use and communicates learning progress with students and parents. The programme offers both student and parent portals. Students and parents can get real-time updates on where they stand on a particular learning standard.
Key Features/Modules: easy to use, parent and student portal, grading, data export in different formats, live progress reports, assignments, student’s individualized education plan, health plan, behavioural plan.

website: http://grademaster.net/


feKara can automate your daily tasks and operations. It is suitable for small and medium-sized institutions. We can easily manage admissions, attendance, exams etc. using this software. feKara incorporates custom fields for student data and support any data formats that your institute uses. It is a web-based software which is always online. You can assess the application from anywhere.
Key Features/Modules: admission, attendance, timetable, reporting, grade book, student profile, exam management, employee login, email/SMS reports, financial management, communication, student portal, teachers portal etc.



Charms help educational institutions to simplify payment and enhance communication. They focus on serving educational institutes, faith-based organizations and non-profit organizations. For more than 20 years, Charms have served education institutions to save time and eliminate the tedious paper process. You can try a demo version on their website.
Key Features/Modules: online payment, cafeteria management, child care, event management, music program management, online registration, class management, easy integration, amazing customer support, attendance & student-teacher ratio, scheduling, automated billing etc.

website: https://www.vancopayments.com/

40.TS School:

TS school is a highly customizable school management application. It supports school, colleges, universities and training institutes. You can easily import your data using this software. TS school provides you with a free standard edition with fully customizable options.
Key Features/Modules: report cards, invoices, statements, receipts, credit notes, purchase orders, reports, documents, messages, student and staff details, adding classes, tests and marks, sending out invoices and statements, admission, SMS, athletics, calendar, attendance, documents, awards and achievement, student information, medical details, hostel & inventory management, time table and many more.


41.NaviGate Prepared:

NaviGate Prepared is a part of Navigate 360. They provide modern safety solutions for educational institutions, health care, public safety agencies and workplaces. They aim to streamline school management and empower staff with critical information at their fingertips. Their threat detection and safety features ensure security to the school.
Key Features/Modules: risk management, risk assessment, threat detection, response and prevention, social media and email scanning, emergency management, visitor management, safety and wellness suite, security audit.

website: https://navigate360.com/


TeachBoost is a web-based platform for school management. With this software, teachers can plan their teaching plans and share academic goals with the students. The administrators can check the teacher’s progress and can assign actionable tasks. Teach boost is a customizable application that streamlines teachers’ effort in building a better education system.
Key Features/Modules: customization, single interface for scheduling, accountability, organize meetings, evidence, classroom visits, action steps and notes, Single sign-in to google or office 365 with one click, two-way calendar integration with Google and Microsoft.



dSMS or digital student management system is a cloud-based solution that helps educational institutions to automate administrative and other tasks. The solution provides role-based access that offers users control over data. The application suite for schools, colleges, coaching institutes and learning centres. dsMS offers a free trial for its users.
Key Features/Modules: fee management, attendance tracking, examination management, admissions, payroll, admin dashboard, group messaging, reporting, easy to use, time table management, exams & results, online fee payment, notices, calendar, homework, parent communication and more.

website: https://idee-dsms.com/

44.Enriching Students:

A web-based solution best suited for middle and high schools. They offer tools for administrators, teachers and students to manage the daily tasks. This application provides flexible schedules for all students in-person and remote learning interventions and extra help. They facilitate data automation through single sign-on.
Key Features/Modules: quick schedule feature for easy scheduling, schedule student groups, special course offerings for students, recurring appointments & appointment requests, students enrichment options, time management skills, support iOS, notifications, account management etc.


45.Fidelo School:

Fidelo is a powerful tool for language schools. They help to manage all aspects of language school’s management process. Fidelo serves more than 1000 schools across the world. It is a fully-featured web management software that provides us with payment, class scheduling and several other options.
Key Features/Modules: documentations, enquiries, payment, accounting, class roster, scheduling, assignments, attendance, online certificates, accommodation management, insurance, plan activities, CRM, reports, student cards, teacher login, security, chat & email support helpdesk, administrative login.

website: https://fidelo.com/en/start.html


SIMS is a management system that serves independent and international schools in many countries. It helps to efficiently manage the daily activities of a school and bring better outcomes. Their all in one parent engagement solutions help to connect students, parents and schools together. The application supports primary schools, secondary schools, independent prep schools, independent senior schools, international schools, special schools and multi-academy trusts.
Key Features/Modules: insight and analytics, parent app, teacher’s app, payment, financial management, admission, attendance and many more.



Swiftk12 is a fully featured communication system from Powerschool, suited for educational institutes. They offer cloud-based multichannel messaging options and lots of other features for PowerSchool users. Administrators can send several messages instantly through their notification system. You can book a demo on their website.
Key Features/Modules: send voice email, social media and text alerts, attendance notifications, unexpected school closure information, fee balance alert, anti-bullying management, pdf builder, parent portal, rapid message delivery, parent call back hotline, social media integration.

website: https://www.alertsolutions.com


The software supports administrative tasks of churches. HeadMaster has been serving church ministries for over 40 years. It is an administrative management system that provides individualized child care, parent communication, billing management and other management services. They provide 24/7 self-service support to their clients.
Key Features/Modules: store family contacts, keep health records, monitor child to teacher ratios, track important events, shared calendar, online and mobile payments, billing & accounting, text messaging, donation tracking, staff background checks etc.



49.Administrative Solutions 3:

AS3 is an integrated administrative software that suits post-secondary education. More than 400 schools depend on this application for managing their daily tasks. The software works with a friendly interface for the end-user. Both small and large schools can opt for this software to fulfil their needs. The application is compatible for Windows/UNIX/Linux/ODBC.
Key Features/Modules: tracking leads, tracking alumni, leads and advertisements, enrol and schedule students, track grades and attendance, post tuition and other charges, apply financial aid, find jobs for your students.

website: http://www.alaquest.com

50.Fedena Pro:

Fedena Pro is a college and school management software. Over 40,000 plus schools and colleges trust this application in managing their tasks. From parent-teacher meetings to exams, Fedena handles every process efficiently. It is a fully web-based ERP system. Fedena offers a free demo.
Key Features/Modules: timetable management, students’ batches information management, admission enquiries, fee collection, online support, data security, managing grade books, campus news, hostel, library, transportation, school calendar and events, payroll and employee payslips, customizable dashboard and many more.



This cloud-based software can assist you with payments, scheduling, virtual classrooms etc. The system supports traditional and online schools, and other businesses like yoga schools, beauty salons, small offices. You can try the software as a free trial for one month. Many users can work simultaneously on this platform.
Key Features/Modules: online billing & invoicing, easy scheduling, attendance tracking, reporting, email alerts, newsletters, customer tracking, user profiles for everyone, customizable, available in many languages, cloud-based and secure, virtual classrooms.

website: http://www.ayotree.com/

52.ThinkWave Educator:

It is a cloud-based management software with a distance learning solution. You can first start a free trial and check all the features of this application. Thinkwave makes it easy to deliver assignments and announcements. The application is hosted on Google App Engine, together with learning innovators such as Udemy and Khan Academy. Data is securely stored in an encrypted form in data centres.
Key Features/Modules: manage assignments and homework, messaging, emailing, custom report cards & transcripts, distance learning grade books, affordable pricing.



This school management software with a user-friendly system has more than 40 years of experience in educational technology. Aeries is a student information system for students, parents, teachers and administrators. They offer flexible solutions that can meet the needs of small and large schools. It is a web-based solution.
Key Features/Modules: attendance records, grades, assignments, attendance summary, calendar, student data, teacher evaluations, student and parent portal, personal information, ease of switching between students.

website: http://www.aeries.com


Myschoolapp is a web-based solution that helps to manage the daily activities of a school. It is an all-in-one solution for schools, colleges and other institutes. The app offers separate login portals for teachers, students, parents and admins. Myschool provides you with real-time updates of school activities. The software offers tools like smart attendance, homework, messaging, exam results, school calendar etc.
Key Features/Modules: admission, student management, fee management, staff management, exams and results, messages and notifications, HR, library, hostel & transportation management, library management, store management, public relation management.


55.CampusVue (CampusNexus):

This campus management system can transform your institute with its distinct products and experience. The solution aims to augment classroom learning, build alumni and take student experience beyond the campus. Campusvue is a cloud-based management system. The software can automate finance, improve enrolment, manage curriculum and perform similar tasks.
Key Features/Modules: student information system, workforce analytics tool, CRM for higher education, financial management system, human capital management, donor management software, higher ed portal software, analytics & insight, improvement & accountability, teaching & learning, retention & success, student engagement, skills & achievement, alumni fundraising and engagement

website: http://www.campusmanagement.com


Brightwheel is a solution that modernizes all school activities. It is a complete child care management solution for child cares, daycares and preschools. The application is best suited for people who manage child care centres. Through this app, you can increase parent satisfaction and enrollment. You can try a demo on their website.
Key Features/Modules: manage attendance, reduce paperwork, automate invoicing and bill pay, manage staff, track enrollment, photos, videos, messaging, contactless check-in, online payments, digital daily sheets, monitor student health.


57.Skyward School Management:

Skyward combines good technology with a flexible system to deliver better school management services. They offer a k12 student information system and k12 enterprise resource planning. This software helps to build a high performing culture and delivers a better experience to the stakeholders.
Key Features/Modules: fee management, curriculum management, enrollment, report writer, attendance, grade book, messages centre, report tracking, family access, teacher access, health services, behaviour management, asset management, human resources, employee portal, budgeting, accounts, payroll, custom forms, scheduling, report cards etc.

website: http://www.skyward.com

58.Infinite Campus:

Infinite campus is a web-based school management system. It is an enterprise based student information system that provides us with grade books, state reporting, Special Ed IEPs and more. The software integrates SIS features, operational management tools and learning management functionality. The application supports both iOS and Android.
Key Features/Modules: assessments, attendance, behaviour, grades, assignments, schedules, health tracking, a messenger with voice, food management, finance, human resources and payroll management, phone and email support.



A cloud-based management system that is suitable for schools of all sizes. SchoolTonic facilitates communication between students, parents, teachers and school. All of them have different login portals and access to a different set of tools. A user can maintain an academic history of students, staffs, inventories and various records. You will get access to a demo version on visiting their website.
Key Features/Modules: admission, attendance, examination, mark sheet, fees, timetable, syllabus, messaging, online application, school diary, event management, reports etc.

website: https://www.schooltonic.com/


Keep your school connected online with Beehively, a communication tool for your school. The software meets the needs of private and charter k12 schools. It is a cloud-based software. Beehively supports schools of all sizes. You can sign up for a demo on their website.
Key Features/Modules: manage classes, manage grades, messaging, reporting, team drive-edit Drive files without leaving Beehively, integrates with Google classroom, calendar, urgent alerts, training and support, forms, custom report cards, communication management.



CampusAnywhere is a religiously based school management software. It is a student information system with a cloud-hosted environment. They have decades of experience in higher ed technology. The software can easily align with your needs and provide an immediate ROI. Their SIS supports universities and colleges all around the world.
Key Features/Modules: control your data to achieve your administrative goals, course information, registration, transcripts and student records, admission, enrollment, billing, online payment, customizable reports, financial aid, audio, text messaging, alumni fundraising, campus safety.

website: http://edctechnology.com/

62.Aspen SIS:

Aspen SIS is a centralized platform for managing student data. It securely stores class schedules, student information etc. Aspen offers mobile applications for android and iOS. The application fully integrates with Aspen Instructional Management System (IMS) and various digital learning tools.
Key Features/Modules: class schedules, school events, student performance, athletic eligibility, individual health records, reporting student data, instructional plans, apply state-specific guidelines, master scheduling, health records, robust grade book, digital learning tools, instructional management, bookstore management, cafeteria supervision, curriculum management, financial management, higher education, housing management, library management, online calendar, e-payments, parent and student portal.


63. Open-School

It is a well-designed school information system. The application is suitable for all educational institutions from small schools to fully-fledged universities. Schools located in more than 100 countries depend on the Open-school to manage their daily tasks. There are separate portals for admins, students teachers and other staff. The app is customizable and you can easily launch it from android or iOS.
Key Features/Modules: easy to use, email, SMS, push notifications, security, customizable, scalable, graphical charts, unlimited users, premium support, instant updates, interactive engagement.

website: https://open-school.org/


EMS is a cloud-based management platform for enterprise and campuses. EMS offers solutions for enterprise workforce management, academics & event management and success planning. It is a centralized resource management system to efficiently schedule everything from classes to events.
Key Features/Modules: meeting and room scheduling, hoteling, workspace management, conference management, event management, integrated calendar, video conferencing, classroom scheduling, exam scheduling, coordinated resources, analytics, space utilization and optimization, course scheduling, exam scheduling, SIS integration, preconfigured reports, online request forms, invoicing.


65.Genius SIS

This school administration system with powerful functionality, flexible configuration and user-friendly interface is suitable for managing the operations of k12 schools and higher educational institutes. The company focuses on assisting in time-consuming activities like reporting, managing student records, enrollments etc. Students and parents can use this app to track the academic process, make payments and much more. Log on to their website to schedule a demo.
Key Features/Modules: online admission, powerful reporting, enrollment, student progress, make a payment, view calendar events, personal information, transcript history, communication history, course requests, application integration, flexible emailing.

website: http://www.geniussis.com

66.Aedu School Management Software:

Aedu assists the administrators, teachers, students and parents to easily manage their tasks. It is a cloud-based software. Parents can track real-time location of school buses from their devices. This application simplifies the job of all departments of a school. Try it for free from their website!
Key Features/Modules: fee management, GPS tracking, examinations, assigning sections, making class schedules, student promotions, hostel management, attendance, online payment, marks, homework, accounts management.



Breeze is a flexible school management and student information system, ideal for schools, extracurricular establishment and other institutes. You can use it on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Breeze is an ERP that fits even to the agenda of training centres like sports training, music recitals or language classes.
Key Features/Modules: grading and reports, lesson tracking, notice board, payment, financial management, email and SMS, one-to-one messaging, class management, student information, calendar & schedules, attendance tracking, centralized communication, course management, employee management.

website: https://www.breezehq.com/


Clever is a digital learning platform that suits parents, teachers, staffs, students and administrators. The software offers personalized teaching solutions to the instructors. Users get access to everything with their single sign-on feature. Teachers can easily connect with a student and their families through this software. They provide free training and remote instruction resources for educators.
Key Features/Modules: automated rostering, real-time updates, data control, easy for everyone, single sign-on, clever library, analytics, reporting, curriculum management, parents-student portal, online learning, clever badges, safeguarding student data.


69.College Scheduler:

College schedular is an academic management software for colleges and universities. Their tools assist in improving enrollment, persistence, and graduation outcomes. They use real-time data trends to make policy decisions and remove the barriers that block academic planning, scheduling and registration. The system offers solutions for success management, advising and student experience.
Key Features/Modules: planned courses map, alerts for potential issues, communication, emailing, auto-generated and optimized schedules, enrollment optimization, analytics, reporting, workflow, case management, LMS engagement, course history, manage appointments.

website: http://www.collegescheduler.com


The web-based modules of scholastico make a school’s working, smoother and easier. All of their products are 100% browser-based and require no installation. Scholastico majorly offers 4 products that focus on after school activity sign ups, parent-teacher conferences, school election management and student-teacher feedback surveys. All of them are easy to use and tested software, tested in real schools by school authorities.
Key Features/Modules: scheduling activities & sports, customization, easy data upload, mail-merge, an updated knowledgebase, student comment options, teacher time slots, parent sign up etc.



Vidyalaya is an innovative school management ERP solution that offers an invaluable toolset to administer school activities. It is a cloud-based system which provide assistance to educational institutions of all sizes. They offer a user-friendly & affordable solution with customizations. You may contact Vidyalaya through their website to get a live demonstration of the software.
Key Features/Modules: admission, student management, attendance, financial management, accounts, HR, health management, front office, communication, hostel, library & transportation management, reports, analytics, alumni & a lot more.

website: http://www.vidyalayaschoolsoftware.com


This application provides school management solutions for schools, colleges and coaching centres. The dedicated and experienced team at ZEROERP offers a well developed, user-friendly and secure software. They also offer a product ‘school app’ which supports multiple languages. ZEROERP has provided an option to view a demo of the software, on their website.
Key Features/Modules: multilingual, bus tracking, homework, timetable, attendance, messaging, library management, transport details, staff management, fee management, exam records, simple & easy dashboard, android & iOS support.


73.Education ERP:

It is an application that simplifies education and manages school activities. It helps every educational institute to easily carry out their activities. They do not offer a free trial. The firm which developed the application has decades of experience in managing educational technology in India. The application is web-based and provides 24/7 online support.
Key Features/Modules: curriculum management, financial management, k12, online calendar, parent/student portal, higher education, independent/private, library management, special management.

website: http://www.educationerp.net/


LiveSchool is a web-based application that a user can access from any device. It is a behaviour tracking software that provides weekly behaviour reports. You can track points, demerits, & comments with the help of this software. Teachers can easily communicate with students and parents through LiveSchool. They offer a reward system which shows a menu of rewards for parents and students. The students can score points to earn specific rewards.
Key Features/Modules: teacher-friendly, student & parent feedback, tools for a school store, access data at any time, live support, video library etc.



It is software that empowers enterprises and educational institutes. They focus on developing automated timetables and schedules for schools. Timetable generation is fully automatic & optimal and happens on a cloud. myChrone offers a free trial to test their feature, you can download the free trial from their website.
Key Features/Modules: attendance management, teacher substitution, special/guest lessons at specific slots, lesson distribution, grouping lessons, store and tweak timetable, print and export timetable, automated timetabling, publish timetable, staff management etc.

website: https://www.mychrone.com/


The next generation all in one school ERP system. You can try a free demo on visiting their website. They offer 50+ modules on a single platform. It is a customizable software that offers many options like unlimited employees, unlimited logins, unlimited students, cloud hosting, unlimited exams, security etc. The software suits all levels of schools and colleges.
Key Features/Modules: academic management, student management, communication, learning management, payroll, resource planning, finance management, attendance and leave, recruitment, resource planning, admission.


77.EZ School Apps:

EZ school is a cloud-based solution for school management. They offer an easy to use, low priced platform. More than 400 schools trust this application in administering their daily tasks. You can either start a trial or request a demo from their website. There are no hidden fees or set-up costs.
Key Features/Modules: school lunch, payments, teacher attendance, substitution management, employee timesheet, workflow management, after school care, student attendance, announcements, text, email & phone alerts.

website: http://www.ezschoolapps.com/

78.FastDirect Communications:

A web-based school information system that improves the learning experience for independent PK-8 schools. It is easy to use and community-oriented software. They constantly update their features to make sure that the users have an effective response. More than tech support, FastDirect provides customer service and updated FAQ guides.
Key Features/Modules: grade book & report cards, attendance, email, finance, cafeteria, health info, integrated database, emergency broadcasts, calendars & teacher web pages, reporting, behaviour tracking, parent & student portal, instant login.


79.Foxbright CMS for Schools:

Foxbright is a smarter website CMS for k12 schools. Through their content management system, this ed-tech company can build easy to use and cost-effective websites for your schools. Their official website offers a demo to check what they can do for you.
Key Features/Modules: responsive design, 24/7 customer support, school activities, events, accomplishments, social media linking, online newsletters, calendars & events, lunch menus, staff directories, photo gallery, custom forms, email notifications, password-protected pages, Google analytics etc.

website: http://www.foxbright.com

80.CAMS Enterprise:

CAMS Enterprise is best for colleges and universities around the world. It is a cloud-based solution, most suitable for higher educational institutes. They also support non-profit, private and public sector industries. The application focuses on people’s experience to help free the staff, students and teachers to achieve the best in education.
Key Features/Modules: manage the recruitment process, streamline applications, curriculum management, course enrollment, progression, and course options/requirements, finance management, accounts & billing, scheduling, customization, messaging, reporting & analytics.



A web-based solution that focuses on online communication. They offer solutions for schools and dioceses. It is an all in one school management system which involves everything that parents and administrators need to know to manage school activities digitally. The software comprises online communication tools and student information systems.
Key Features/Modules: attendance, admission & enrollment, grade book, performance analysis, lesson plans, behaviour tracking, programs to bring virtues in students, archiving, alumni management, grading, online payment, email, scheduling, calendars.

website: http://www.schoolspeak.com

82.Campus Medicine:

A healthcare ERP solution provider with a decade of experience. The company offers 24 modules to automate complex workflows of healthcare campuses. The management, faculty, parents and students all have access to this campus management solution. You can minimize your administrative costs and utilize resources to the optimum through this application. The modules on the app are customizable according to our needs.
Key Features/Modules: online payment, receipt management, customizable, student record, employee and staff information, multiple targeted reports, pre-admission management, alumni etc.



CAMU is an Indian edtech system that offers scalable and robust features to support student learning. The cloud-based system is compatible with new modes of learning and streamlines the administrative process effectively, bringing students closer to their career goals. It manages the academic and administrative process on a singlecloud. The software is appropriate for k12 schools as well as colleges.
Key Features/Modules: online admission, course registration, fee management, accreditations, learning management solution, exam management, integrated SIS, analytics, virtual classrooms, choice-based credit system, outcome-based education.

website: https://camudigitalcampus.com/


This Azure cloud-based campus management solution for schools and colleges helps to facilitate day-to-day administrative tasks of an institute. Smart and advanced techniques like facial recognition, virtual reality, augmented reality, barcode system, GPS tracking etc. are their notable highlights. The software integrates different tasks like student lifecycle, academics, administration, support functions and more.
Key Features/Modules: admission, timetable, attendance, curriculum, examination, grading, student tasks, publishing article, online payment, fee management, leave management, certificates, feedback and much more.



E-Akada is a complete education management system. It is a web-based system that supports android, iOS and windows. The software is suitable for all levels of education. E-akada is a product of Saanet global services which also offers various other products like SIAS and SFA for managing tax-related processes, payments etc.
Key Features/Modules: parent/student portal, student enrollment, communication, result processing, SMS & email notifications for schools, students and parents, academic performance monitoring.

website: http://www.saanetglobal.com/


Easycampus support schools, colleges, universities and other institutes. It is a cloud-based management system which provides world-class applications at a minimal cost. The software offers a student portal and a teacher’s portal. They serve over 90+ campuses with their mobile-friendly app. The application is accessible anywhere at any time and does not require hosting.
Key Features/Modules: online registration, grades, assignments, attendance, curriculum management, student portal, teacher’s portal, notice board, virtual classroom, admission, fee management, dashboard, customized reports.



Edusafe offers advanced managed solutions for educational institutions. The company has expertise in all areas of information technology. Bansal institute, the developers of Edusoft offer customized solutions according to the client’s requirements, especially in the areas of education, management, real estate, medical and many more. All of their software is simple and user-friendly.
Key Features/Modules: admission, student management, employee management, accounting, library, front office, reception and transportation management, timetable, exams and results, leave management, safe & secure data storage.

website: http://www.edusafeglobal.com

88.Finalsite Composer:

Finalsite is a digital campus management software for colleges, universities, independent schools, international schools and other institutes. They work with more than 5000 schools around the world. With Finalsite, you can empower your school with online learning, marketing, admission and much more. The software is simple to use, versatile and powerful.
Key Features/Modules: alerts and notifications, athletics, blogs, calendars, constituent maps, crisis management, digital publications, directories, email marketing, event management, documentation, online forms, social media integration, personalization, data integration, online payments.


89.IQ Session:

IQ session for universities and colleges is an automated scheduling tool for academic tasks. It ensures student, faculty and preferences when time slotting classes and assigning students to sections. The system helps institutions to build smart and conflict-free schedules in less time. IQ session offers customizable features to meet the unique needs of all organizations. You can request a demo on their website.
Key Features/Modules: prevent room and faculty conflicts, support template reuse from prior years, easily detect errors before finalizing schedules, minimize the number of students with multiple exams per day, time slot sections to maximize course availability, meet all course and faculty requirements, auto-generate blocks based on student needs.

website: http://www.comquip.com


This complete student management system suits the needs of schools, colleges and universities. Soft Solutions, a web development company developed the JSiMS application for educational institutes to manage information online. A number of institutes use this tested-error free software. The system is cost-effective and totally user friendly.
Key Features/Modules: student parent, faculty & staff logins, free video lectures, online data repository, shared notes, attendance, reporting, fee management, scholarships, exams and results, timetable, SMS, calendar, ID card printing and a lot more.



Knewton is a cloud-based software that assists educational institutions to manage academic and administrative tasks. It is an academic management system that offers easy student tracking, finance management etc. Knewton provides special portals for students, teachers and principles. This application is best for colleges, workforce educational programs, churches, non-profit organizations and other institutes. The software offers a free trial.
Key Features/Modules: student tracking, SMS for parents, attendance management, student transfer management, exams and results, administration, online payment gateway, automated reports, portals for different users, library management etc.

website: http://roanz.com


It is an all in one, easy to use school ERP solution. This simple and cost-effective solution supports curriculum management for various boards in India such as CBSE, ICSE etc. They offer solutions like live classes, parent mobile app and admin mobile app. MyClassboard assists schools to administer various tasks like managing student data and maximizing communication. Just log on to their website to book a demo.
Key Features/Modules: grade book, messenger, fee management, admission, transport, payroll, SIS, online classes, library.


93.MyDaycare Plus:

A complete child care solution, designed to manage the activities of child daycare centres and early childhood education centres. It is a cloud-based application that works on different platforms. You will get 24/7 access to the system via an internet connection. The system offers tools like support from an experienced team and continuous upgrades.
Key Features/Modules: child records, employee records, accounting, attendance, timesheets, finance management, billing, payroll, automatic emailing, expenditure management etc.

website: http://www.mydaycareplus.com/


Nortify is a student management system that provides various exceptional tools like smart messaging, computer-based testing etc. Parents, teachers and administrators can use this application through their devices. More than 50 schools utilize Nortify to manage their daily tasks. The app can handle the administration of a group of institutions, especially to facilitate cost-saving entrance examinations.
Key Features/Modules: CRM, bills and account management, exam and results, grades, registration, enrollment, form filling, student records, medical records, performance analyser, fee manager and much more.


95.Registration Gateway:

A school registration software that helps to streamline enrollment and registration process. The application provides eco-friendly online workflows for k12 schools. The complete suite of applications increases your productivity. Registration Gateway provides various solutions for student life-cycle management. You may schedule a demonstration by visiting their website.
Key Features/Modules: automated data entry, document scanning, student registration, electronic records, reporting, data collection, notifications, safety and security, ID scanning, analytics, charts and graphs, email messaging, documentation.

website: http://registrationgateway.com/


SchoolDocs provide instant access to administrative documents and student records. This documentation solution is best for post-secondary educational institutes. It simplifies the process of licensing, accreditation and department of education compliance process. SchoolDocs can track missing docs for each student’s master folder, related to accreditation, auditing etc. The app monitors due dates of all important internal corporate files.
Key Features/Modules: document management, electronic forms, compliance management, custom integrations, return on investment, online enrollments, refund checks, missing record verification etc.



It is a platform built to support early childhood education centres. The software assists teachers, caregivers and parents to manage children’s activities. SoCoWorld provides various options like managing classroom, lesson plans, capturing and sharing child moments etc. They help to digitize each operation of your school and contribute to the overall development of a child.
Key Features/Modules: student and staff attendance, self-service kiosk, rosters, program enrollment, student to teacher ratios, billing and payments, ad-hoc invoicing, reports, digital sheets, photos, videos and many other exciting features.

website: http://www.socoworld.com/


A program that assists in managing student data and scheduling school activities. The application provides access for students, teachers, parents and administrators. TESS helps a school meet their all data management and record collection requirements. It is a web-based solution which you can access from mobile phones and PCs. TESS offers a free 30-day trial and free consultation.
Key Features/Modules: enrollments, attendance, class lists, grades/transcripts, accounts, discipline, student dashboard, marks, mobile browsing, course requests, phone calls, reports, emailing, health records, track of textbooks.



Gibbon is a software created by experienced teachers to solve the problems of educators. It is an open-source platform which enables lesson sharing, resource allocation and student management. The software is student-centred and multilingual. They provide online support forms to find answers to your questions related to the product. You can check the installation guide, system requirements and other instructions from their website.
Key Features/Modules: lesson planner that includes homework, grading and attendance, easy access for parents and staff, document sharing, online resources, timetable, application forms and much more.

website: https://gibbonedu.org

100.MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin:

It is a complete school management software which helps to digitalize the academic data. Schools can manage student details, staff details, fee collection, administration etc. through this software. It is a windows based application. The express edition of this software has a student portal and a parent portal. The company does not offer a free trial.
Key Features/Modules: fee management, online support, web-based, student & parent portals, SMS, emailing, income/expense management, student information.


101.Priority Time Software:

It is a software used for controlling the school bells from a device. The software is easy to install and easy to use. Priority Time helps to replace old and outdated bell controllers. This application is best for schools, factories and other educational institutes. You can easily control your existing bell system like buzzers and horns with the help of this application.
Key Features/Modules: weekly schedules, daily schedules, event sounds, connection to existing bell system, daily announcements, pre-recorded audios, do not interrupt microphone announcements.

website: http://www.prioritytime.com

102.ReadySub Teacher Placement Software:

ReadySub is a cloud-based teacher placement solution that simplifies managing teacher absence and substitution processes. The application is ideal for private, public and charter schools. It is a simple, easy to use software. Teachers can request the substitutes to fill in their gaps in class schedules. You may try it for free or request a demo by visiting the official website of this application.
Key Features/Modules: communication, scheduling, text messaging, emailing, real-time updates, attendance etc.



RosarioSIS is an open-source free information system. It is best suited for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. The application features demographics discipline, food service and various other features. We can access this software from any device connected to the internet. Besides basic options, they also offer special add-ons. Key Features/Modules: responsive design, compatible with any device, multi-lingual, statistics charts, documentation, online registration, LMS, accounts management, free and premium add-ons, internal messaging system, customization, discipline management.

website: http://www.rosariosis.org


SchoolZen student information system offers solutions to manage student information and academic tasks. This cloud-based application empowers teachers, students, parents, students and administrators with insights for improvement. SchoolZen supports the activities of educational institutions, agencies and startups. The application is customizable. You can access the software anywhere, anytime.
Key Features/Modules: academics, activities, admission, attendance, email, integration, event management, examination, fee management, help desk, library management, registration management, SMS, student info, timetable, customization, assessment attendance tracking, behaviour management, cafeteria management, enrollment.

website: http://educationzen.com/


StarRez provides housing solutions for residential buildings including schools. They feature swipe check-ins, room matching, meal plans etc. The student property management and higher education management system is fully automated and focuses on providing scalability, security and resident welfare to the users. More than 800 customers trust StarRez in managing housing operations.
Key Features/Modules: room & roommate selection, inspection, work order, online visitors, emergency planning, stay management, summer conferences, notes, reporting, enquiry, booking, scheduling, integration, easy rent payment.


106.TouchNet Payment Systems:

Touchnet is a bill and payment system which best suits the higher education institutes in managing payments. They provide comprehensive and secure payment solutions that help colleges and universities run smoother. Higher institutions can manage and secure campus-wide payments through this system. Touchnet is a web-based software. An option to schedule a demo is available on Toucnet’s website.
Key Features/Modules: online payment, managing credential, safety, security, web deposits, fund collection, managing refunds, billing, account management, fee management.

website: https://www.touchnet.com/

107.XIA Links:

It is a system that manages desktop icons. XIA Links is an application that helps organizations and institutes centrally manage which shortcuts are shown to users. It provides assistance to the system admins in managing the shortcuts displayed to all users, on all computers, from one location. You can group the shortcuts into different sections. Their website provides an option to download a free trial and to watch a demo video.
Key Features/Modules: smart shortcuts, control shortcut access, organize and group shortcuts, quickly locate shortcuts etc.


108.Yash Campus:

Yash Campus is an institution management software that suits the needs of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. A user can easily configure this application according to their requirements. It is a browser-friendly application which we can use in both online and offline modes. The system facilitates effective communication between parents and an institute through a customizable SMS system.
Key Features/Modules: admission, registration, fee management, student information, attendance and leave management, exams & results, stores, payroll, library & transportation management, accounting, front office etc.

website: http://yashcampus.com/#/


Manage your school activities in a better way with Educare. This school management system covers everything; from the back office to the classrooms, to your home. Educare’s modern design provides better insight into student performance. The application focuses on student success and empowers the greatest learning resources. Parents will get updates about the real-time activities of their children.
Key Features/Modules: account management, chat, lesson plan, time table, a news feed, attendance, admission, fee payment, calendar, communication, reports, medical records, e-learning and many more.


110. eMedley:

eMEdley is a solution to manage health science education. It is a customizable application. A user can organize data and complex functionality of a health science program with the help of this solution. The application supports institutes of medicine, social work, nursing, optometry, physical therapy, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary and other similar institutions.
Key Features/Modules: documentation, curriculum management, clinical tracking, LMS, scheduling, reporting & analytics, syllabus generation, CRM, mail merge, absence requests, curriculum inventory, performance evaluation, real-time assessment etc.

website: http://www.emedley.com/


Free online management software for all institutes. The software is for learning management and various other activities of schools, colleges, tuition centres and other learning institutes. It is an absolute 100% free software with no limitations. They will provide you with new and updated features whenever an update is available.
The application has portals for students, parents, staff and teachers.
Key Features/Modules: admin portal, student & staff records, web-based, regular updates and support, data backup, responsive design, infographics & animation, fast & easy, security, accounts, exam management.



Free online management software for all institutes. The software is for learning management and various other activities of schools, colleges, tuition centres and other learning institutes. It is an absolute 100% free software with no limitations. They will provide you with new and updated features whenever an update is available. The application has portals for students, parents, staff and teachers. Key Features/Modules: admin portal, student & staff records, web-based, regular updates and support, data backup, responsive design, infographics & animation, fast & easy, security, accounts, exam management.

website: https://eskooly.com


Special Education Automation Software (SEAS) serves 60,000+ educators all over several schools. They provide class management, behaviour management, medical aid & reporting solutions. SEAS aims to save teacher’s, student’s and administrator’s time through their innovative technology products. They have the ability to adapt according to the situation and the client. An option to schedule a demo is available on their website.
Key Features/Modules: customized data collection, error-free, online assessment, analytics, reporting, easy to use, behaviour management.


114.Diamond SIS:

Diamond SIS offers a complete solution to run your administrative tasks. They provide three subscription plans to choose from. Users can access their tools in a cloud-based environment. The application streamlines recruiting, financial aid, internship, payments etc. Diamond SIS comes with a student portal, instructor dashboard and an executive instructive portal. You can access the system from anywhere through a single sign-on.
Key Features/Modules: enrollment, admission, real-time backups, student management, user permission, job management, integrations, financial aid, accounting, reporting.

website: http://www.diamondsis.com/

115.Student Management Software:

As the name suggests, student management software helps in managing students and their academic activities. An ed-tech company ‘Premium Educational System’ is the developer of the application. They focus on increasing student productivity and accountability. The application features a biometric time-clock option for eliminating manual payroll errors. To use the application, we can install it on windows. They provide online support to all of their customers.
Key Features/Modules: easy to use, financial management, student information, accountability etc.


116.Visual Classroom Scheduler:

It is a timetabling & scheduling software for schools, colleges, universities etc. The application serves as a powerful timetabling system which focuses on reducing cost and saving time. After installing the software on your LAN’s server, all PCs can access the latest version of VCS.
Key Features/Modules: easy to use, lower cost, effective, virtual classrooms, scheduling, time-saving, campus management, resource management, statistics, import/export of details in spreadsheet form, huge return on investment etc.

website: http://www.vss.com.au


A cloud-based administration solution that allows effective communication for parents and school staff. The system supports k12 schools and higher education. Flexischool can assist you by reducing staff requirements, enhancing communication and providing experienced customer support. Their mobile application works on both iOS and Android. After downloading the app, you can register and set up an account on it.
Key Features/Modules: online payment, customer support, school communication in one place, easy access, online purchase of school items, event management, fee collection, cashless cards.


118.Ascendance Software:

Ascendance software is an all in one solution for k12 schools. They empower independent schools to manage data effectively. All the data storage takes place on a single central database. You can find that information such as parent biographical data, emergency contacts, etc are available to all modules. The application offers full integration and real productivity benefits. You may schedule a demo on their website.
Key Features/Modules: admission, business office, scheduling, accounting, finance management, alumni development, reporting, analysis etc.

website: http://www.senior-systems.com

119.Academy Connect:

Better software solutions is a software company that offers the k12 management product called Academy Connect. It is a web-based software. Academy Connect supports public and private institutions by providing solutions like admission management, parents portal, reporting etc. The application offers a free version and a free trial.
Key Features/Modules: admissions management, attendance tracking, behaviour management, cafeteria management, curriculum management, enrollment, staff management, financial management, special education, student portal, analytics, online payments, online calendar, and parent/student portal.



An academic management system for schools of all sizes. It is an enrichment scheduling, communication, and tracking solution. AchieveMore aims to reduce the complexity and cost of administering academic programs. Using this tool, the institutes can easily schedule, track sessions and communicate. To see a live demo of the product, just visit their website.
Key Features/Modules: increased efficiency of teachers, assignments, easy scheduling, mobile device support, notifications for students & parents, anytime access, attendance, customized reports.

website: http://www.vacava.com

121.Allround Online School Software:

Powerful software to manage your school in every way. The software can assist you with any administrative tasks in the school. You can access the software from a desktop, mobile phone or any device with a web browser. The application offers multi-user logins.
Key Features/Modules: online payment, SMS, print documents, smartphone access, attendance, calendar, curriculum management, library management, finance management, communication, holiday list, student progress, report cards, examination & marks, reporting & analytics and many more.


122.Appimagine AIMS (Ruby Campus):

Appimagine is an educational management system with collaborative features. The product fits for schools, universities, colleges and all other educational institutes. The application has a user-friendly interface and provides login access for teachers, students, parents and admin staff. They offer completely automated and cost-effective solutions. Through this software, educators will have better interaction with the parents. Get your free demo on the website.
Key Features/Modules: student management, timetable, attendance, courses and batches, student information, examination, finance management, SMS and much more.

website: http://www.appimagine.com/


Edumarshal offers advanced and convenient school management options. It is a modern cloud-based ERP solution. Edumarshal provides customization as per the need of an institute. The program comes with 45+ modules to manage schools, colleges and other institutes. They majorly offer 3 products; school ERP, college ERP and LMS. Students, parents, teachers as well as the administrators can use this software to manage their tasks.
Key Features/Modules: timetable, exam, attendance reporting, student management, finance management, administration & HR, communication, reporting & analytics etc.



Chalk is an analytical solution for k12 schools. It uses an integrated system and provides data-driven insights to understand what is working well & what is not. They assist institutions in mapping the curriculum. Chalk offers solutions for schools and districts, as well as for teachers. By using this application, you can easily identify the gaps in your curriculum. Log on to the website to see a personalized demo version.
Key Features/Modules: digital curriculum maps, standard alignment tracking, lesson planner, grade book, shared lessons, virtual classroom etc.

website: http://www.appimagine.com/


Edulip is a SaaS-based educational management system. This ERP system offers solutions for both schools and colleges. The application uses innovative cloud technology for providing unbreakable security. Edulip is easy to learn and use. It is an integrated solution for complete digitalization of educational institutes. You can install Edulip on a windows PC or any android device.
Key Features/Modules: web-based, online support, k12, higher education, scheduling, finance management, library management, reporting & analytics, higher education, security, online calendar, parent/student portal and many more.


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