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Education Portal – Benefits (SkoolBeep)

Education is a constant exchange of information between the tutors and the learners. To make this exchange seamless, it is a good idea to bring in technology that educational institutions of any size can use. A customized school education portal is the answer. The administrators of a school can get this done with the help of web portal development companies.

Admin level benefits of a school education portal

If you belong to the administrative staff of the school using a school education portal can ease your work a great deal. In case you are the principal of the school by:

> Cutting down the daily redundant tasks

> The school’s resources can be managed online

> You can streamline the man-management functions

> All the students’ data are available through a dashboard

These are some of the advantages.

Teacher level benefits of using a school education portal

As a teacher, there are many benefits that you can enjoy by using a school education portal. Some of them are:

> You can accomplish your daily tasks with much more ease

> All your students’ data including mark lists are available at the click of a button

> You can track individual classes and subject hours on the computer.

> Attendance details can be available with just a few clicks.

Student level benefits of using school education portal

Many modules are available for a student through the school education portal. However, a majority of the modules provide a ‘read only’ access. The portal tells the student:

> About their performance in different subjects

> Their fee details and payment status

> Their class and exam timetables

> Their Diary entries and leave request

Design Aspects to be kept in mind when building a school education portal

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A school education portal must be designed to connect the administrators, teachers, parents and students seamlessly. Given below are a few must-have features of such a portal.


>>  Intuitive User-Friendly design

Firstly, it should be easy to navigate a school education portal. The design should be simple and friendly. Adhering to current web standards, the portal should pass all the usability tests. The content should be presented in a minimalistic, simple and effective manner. The hierarchy should be maintained so that the logical connection of information is easy and obvious.


>> Faster access to Student information

The school education portal should be designed so that the information is easily and quickly available for the parents and the administrators. This kind of quick access is especially helpful when making entries for payment of fees or marking attendance details. It is also important for parents to be able to view their wards’ details easily from the school portal. 


>> A One-Stop Shop Integrated to School Information Systems

The school portal turns out to be most useful when it works as a self-service hub for all the stakeholders concerned: the administrators, tutors, students, and parents. The portal should be designed in a manner so that it integrates all the platforms synergistically.


For this, the design should be based on the systems such as the information systems and the help-desk systems that currently function in the school in the different departments. 


>> A Customized Dashboard for Information From Other Systems

A school education portal is always rated by the dashboards and the data that they present. They should be capable of bringing in relevant information from different systems and place the details in a readable format. 

The school portal should be able to simultaneously handle all permissions set up by the administrator. The administrator set up these access permissions to control the flow of information in a disciplined manner. 


>> A Mobile app to integrate with the desktop system

Stakeholders, tutors and parents increasingly rely on mobile phones to stay up to date with information while on the move. 

When creating a school education portal, engage a vendor who would set up a responsive website that integrates with a fully functional and dedicated mobile app. This helps the parents and tutors to access all information about students from anywhere on their mobile phones.

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Benefits of Education Portals

Education portals not only help to store tools or disseminate the required information to the seeker but also integrate several tools that enable the organization to share relevant knowledge. This helps the institute to collaborate and stay connected thereby allowing the institution to work faster and smarter.


Intranet and Portal Software Security

Any school will always be wary and guard the students’ and other information with care. A school education portal addresses these privacy concerns by using SSL encrypted layers, information access permissions, and secure files and folders. Installation of intranet software helps to provide a fast, secure and reliable channel of communication.


Features of an education portal

An education portal is a website with a special design and has many features. It is designed to have private and public sections for selective dissemination of information, should have means for personalized content, have relevant dashboards, data retrieval and submission tools, and connections to other education-related services and systems. 


Online portals and learning

Online learning portals are very simple in design. The platform is made up of two types, one for the tutor and one for the learner. A tutor can teach many students through a virtual classroom setup. The students log in with their id and passwords. The teacher can announce and schedule the class and the students have to log in at the specified timing. The teacher can communicate with individual students through chats and students can do the same. 


Education Portal

The school education portal facilitates the running of all the functions of a school. From the attendance of students to collection of fees, from timetables to marks details and tabulations, comprehensive reports, test performances, administrative functions, bus transport systems, the entire set of functions of the school can be incorporated into the school portal.


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