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School ERP

Multipurpose School Management Software

Powerful, Simple, and Reliable

School management ERP software designed to effectively run and manage daily administrative tasks including admissions, fee management, registrations, library, examinations, bus management, and performance, among others. User-friendly screens and easy navigation facilitate Hassle-free, secure, and easy transactions.

Multipurpose School Management Software

School ERP designed to meet unique and varying needs of schools to accelerate growth and improve operational efficiency

  • End-to-end hassle-free admission process allowing creation of unique workflows; administration of tests for lateral entry of students; online performance evaluation.

  • Paperless admission process with confirmation emails to parents/guardians; complete automation of processes such as fee payments, bus payments, attendance marking, and evaluation procedures.

  • Insightful analytical reports: daily/weekly/monthly admissions reports at the click of a button; daily weekly collection reports, fee reminders to parents; extensive customizable reports.

Uninteruppted & Continuous Learning

Easy-to-operate School Fee Collections

school erp

Automatic Fee collection setup; 100% paperless efficient fee collection system.

school erp software

Easy, secure and fast payment system; double-layer encryption facilitating safe payments.

school management erp

Payments via credit/debit cards, net banking; fee reminders to parents/guardians via email/SMS to avoid late payment penalty; bus fee registration and collection.

what is school erp

Extensive Fee reports; daily/weekly/monthly collection reports; fee reminders; defaulters’ lists; automated receipt system via email/SMS.

School ERP Solution for management of Daily administrative tasks

Multiple modules facilitating multifaceted operation
  • Robust features for all round management of school functions; accessible on any device for parents and teachers: mobile, laptop, tablet; PC.

  • Reduction of monotonous tasks for the school staff; frees up staff time for more productive activities.

  • Intuitive interface for handling Teachers’ payroll, bus tracking, and time-tabling.

  • Advanced ERP software that reduces school administrative roles by up to 60%; one-stop administrative solution for schools.

Multiple-module School ERP

Complete automated solution for all administrative functions of a school.

school management system erp

Dynamic software that helps parents, administrators, and students to stay connected in the loop; communicate with students and parents in real time.

school erp software free download

Bus location tracking, homework notifications and student announcements effectively conveyed to stakeholders.

best school erp

Customizeable and user-friendly software and in compliance with all major school boards.

Safe, Easy, and Secure School ERP System

Admission, Fees and Other modules for end-to-end School Administration

  • Comprehensive school administration solution with exclusive features for seamlessly integration multiple departments; selective access control for performing different functions; easy to operate with minimum training.

  • A school campus management system designed to increase operational efficiency of staff; dynamic software system that keeps parents, students and administrators in the loop.

  • The school management software is designed to streamline operations, cut down on paperwork and enable easy and systematic operation of the different departments; staff can use their time for more productive work.

FAQs for School ERP

Yes. Any data that is fed into the school management system will remain 100% safe and also will be kept confidential. The software has its own in-built data back-up system, meaning if data is lost, it can be retrieved easily by the software itself.

You will be able to use the school management software package for as long as you want to use the package. We will keep you duly informed of the latest versions, enhanced software capabilities, and upgrades as we roll them out in the future. Buying them is optional.

We will provide training for members of every department soon after you purchase the school management software package from us. The training can be performed via video conferencing or via on-site means as per your specifications.

The school ERP system is very useful for the administrators, teachers and others workers at the school, the parents and the students. There are benefits for everyone when you use the school ERP system. It is safe, easy and convenient to use. Moreover, it significantly reduces paperwork and frees up time of the staff to do more productive work.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used for managing business processes of an organization. The school ERP software uses many integrated applications to automate everyday operations of the different departments of a school such as student attendance, fees payment, admissions process, bus fees collection, timetabling, etc.

Yes. The school ERP software is designed to also take care of the staff attendance and payroll functions. This frees up the administrative staff members’ time who otherwise take up payroll calculations manually every month.

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